幾年前係美國, 我認識左Bare Escentuals (i.e. bareMinerals) 呢個品牌。當時我係芝加哥,去到佢地counter一口起敗左佢地好多產品。我記得我返到酒店試玩嘅時候, 一時就愛上佢地係面上好輕型嘅感覺(好似無搽野個種輕型)。 雖然我好喜愛呢個品牌, 但係當時香港仲未入呢個品牌, 所以用完之後我就無再入購。呢兩個月見到雜誌大肆報導佢嚟左香港, 我當然超級開心, 急不及待去佢counter啦。

(English:  A few years back in the states, I got to know Bare Escentuals (i.e. bareMinerals).  I was in Chicago at the time and I seriously hauled many of their products.  I recalled that when I went back to the hotel and tried on the makeup, I fell in love immediately with its lightness on skin (felt like nothing on skin!!).  Even though I was in love with this brand, it wasn’t available in Hong Kong at the time, therefore, I didn’t have a chance to do a re-haul.  Well, for the past couple months, I had been reading in magazine that it finally arrived in HK, of course, I was excited to go to their counter to check out goodies.)

我上個星期一剛好放假, Mr. Honey又有時間, 我地兩個專程去左bareMinerals金鐘嘅counter, 諗住豪買一下。一去到我地見到counter好多人, 我地望咗兩望, 我就話我地行一個圈再返去啦, 始終我都明白counter人多, BA都未必有時間serve我地。行左30分鐘之後, 我地再返去counter,企左15分鐘,都無人理我地。 如果你話個個都真係咁忙, 我都理解。 但係其中有一個BA只係行嚟行去, 唔係serve緊人, 我望佢, 諗住如果有eye contact, 佢都會走過嚟問我要咩 (其實我已經知我要咩, 我只係要試下foundation個色)。但係我一路企一路就覺得個BA根本就係逃避我嘅眼神, 過左15分鐘, 我就同Mr. Honey講話我地走喇。

(English:  Last Monday, Mr. Honey and I were on holiday, therefore, we took the opportunity to go to its counter in Admiralty.  When we arrived, there were many people.  We checked out some stuff and decided to come back as we appreciated the fact that the BAs were pretty occupied with other customers.  After 30 mins, we got back, stood for 15 mins and guess what – no one even acknowledged our existence.  I could understand if everyone was busy, but there was 1 BA, who walked around doing nothing.  I was trying to catch his gaze, but he was avoiding mine.  I knew what I wanted and I just wished to get the right color of foundation, so that was basically an easy sale.  After 15 mins of ridicule, we left.)

我地返到屋企, Mr. Honey仲未興完。佢就話要寫email比佢地去俾翻d feedback佢地。寫完之後, 有個bareMinerals嘅同事即刻打電話俾佢, 話多謝我地嘅feedback, 佢地好surprised, 話從來都無聽過有咁嘅事發生, 佢話俾多次機會佢個brand, 叫我地星期六再去。 我覺得每樣野都deserve a second chance ,所以我地係星期六再去 (加上我真係超級想敗個佢地嘅底妝)。

(English:  We arrived home and Mr. Honey was still upset about the incident, so he said he’d write an email to give them feedback.  After sending the email, there was a bareMinerals staff called him back thanking his feedback and mentioned she was surprised by the incident.  She said she never heard anything similar.  She urged us to go back and give them a second chance.  OK, I believe everything deserve a second chance, therefore we went back on Saturday (also, I really wanted the foundation!).)

星期六去到, 嗰個同事都係度, 佢再講話佢d同事好新, 人人都好忙, 佢話佢地有個Master Artist係度, 話幫我化個妝。 我就話:唔洗喇, 我用過好多你地d野, 我知點用(加上我唔太鍾意俾人搞我塊面)。  我地自己睇。今次, 我覺得佢地d BA好似俾人警告過我地會嚟咁, 個個都同我地笑, 又問我地要d咩。 Anyway, 我都坐低試左粉底個色同埋敗左以下嘅產品。

(English:  When we arrived on Saturday, the lady was there as well.  She once again said the BAs were new and they were busy blah blah blah (who cares?).  She offered their Master Artist to put makeup on me.  I declined because 1. I know how to use their products, 2. I don’t like people messing with my face.  We browsed around alone and this time, I felt that every BA received warnings prior to our arrival.  Everyone was SO FRIENDLY and SMILEY!  Anyway, I sat down, tried out the foundation color and hauled the following.)

bareMinerals Prime Time Foundation Primer (Brightening)
HK$200/ 30ml

之前我用個隻係original, 都好用, 但係我想試新野, 呢隻係加強光澤感, 同埋我試完鍾意呢個質感多d, 所以敗呢個。

(English:  I used Original before, it was brilliant.  But I wanted to try something new this time.  This is for brightening and I quite like the texture after trying it on my hand!  So, I got this!)

bareMinerals Matte SPF15 Foundation
HK$275/ 6g

我之前用嘅都係original, 個隻好好用, 但係分質有d閃。 佢而家出左matte嘅, 我反而想試matte呢個多d, 所以敗左呢個。

(English:  The one I use before was Original too.  That was wonderful, but it was shimmery.  I kinda wanted a matte finish foundation, so I try the matte one this time.)

佢個設計都改良左, 一買返嚟要好似上面咁做, 唔用嘅時候就lock好, 咁就唔會整到周圍都係喇。改左呢個設計之後去旅行帶出街都會方便。

(English:  The design has changed too.  Follow the above photos after you first get the foundation.  Lock it when not in use.  I love this design, it makes it convenient for taking it out/ on trips.)

bareMinerals Hydrating Mineral Veil HK$200/ 6g

呢個爆好用, 當年我最鍾意嘅產品之一。 佢係碎粉個step嚟!  但係當年無出咁多隻Mineral Veil, 我見而家出左幾隻版本。 我今次買呢個唔係最經典嘅。 反而係hydrating呢隻。其實我一見到個陣, 我話唔要呢隻, 因為我望落去真係閃爆, 但係BA話用上面唔覺閃, 反而有Highlight個效果。咁我試上面啦, 真係唔覺閃wor, 咁我就買左嚟試喇。

(English:  This one is one of the most amazing products!  It’s a loose powder.  A few years back, there wasn’t much selection on Mineral Veil.  This one I got isn’t the classic, it’s the hydrating one.  Actually when I first saw this, I said I didn’t want it because it looked so bling bling.  Then the BA said it doesn’t glitter than I put it on face, rather it gives you a highlight effect.  I try and it looks amazing!!)

Bush & Go Brush

買呢個掃嘅原因係我本身好鍾意呢個設計, 我覺得帶出街比較衛生同埋方便(有蓋呀!)。

(English:  The reason I got this was really simple!  I love the design, it’s convenient and hygienic when I put it in my makeup bag.)

最後我應該係買夠HK$800, 所以佢地送個化妝袋比我。

(English:  Well I think my amount was over HK$800 and they gave me a free makeup bag.)

第二次個感覺當然係好過第一次, 但係突然間個個都好親切令我覺得有d假(一個人係咪真心我都仲感覺到)。本身我想買眼影同埋胭脂, 但係我無。 呢d我可以上網買, 粉底我係唔記得左以前個色, 所以我先想去counter試真d先。

(English:  The second experience was better than the first experience.  Still, everyone was SO FRIENDLY that it was somehow fake (I didn’t feel the sincerity).  I wanted to get some blushes and eyeshadows as well, but I didn’t.  I could get these online.  For foundations, I couldn’t recall my color, that’s why I wanted to go and tried them out.) 老實講, 今次我買得唔開心。佢地d BA嘅服務態度如果真係改左, 當然係一件好事。 但係我唔明點解我見好多人都會係counter(唔係淨係bareMinerals)受BA嘅氣。  我地消費都係想開心,但係點解我地要睇一d服務我地嘅人嘅面色? 我地未必似內地遊客咁敗得多同狠, 但係我地都係消費者丫。

(English:  Honestly, I wasn’t happy about this experience.  If their BAs’ attitude is changed for good, then that’s great!  However, I really don’t understand why I have been reading so many people possessing unhappy shopping experience at beauty counters (not only at bareMinerals).  As customers, why do we have to put up with the BAs who are supposed to serve us?  Right, we might not be as big of a spender as those Mainland tourists, but we are still customer, whether big or small.)

如果各大公司, 你地剛好睇緊呢篇文章。 我真係希望你地做好你地嘅客戶服務。 bareMinerals好好彩, 因為佢地有好好嘅產品, 但係唔好唔記得, 要買一樣野, 唔一定要去本港嘅counter, 可以上網係外國訂購 (錢唔一定要俾你賺)。 既然都要做生意, 咁點解唔做好d, 留住消費者嘅心呢?

(English:  If you are in the beauty industry and happen to read this.  I really hope that you sharpen up your Customer Service.  bareMinerals is lucky in the sense that they have products with good quality.  However, don’t forget that we can also find other ways to get the same stuff.  We can order online, and if we are not happy bunnies at the counters, there won’t be a second/ third time.  You’re in the business anyway, why don’t you do better to retain the hearts of the customers?)

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  • 早幾日lunchhr去pp counter買野(我用過佢d野, 只係想回購一盒veil, 唔使試架).

    當時, 所有ba都在serve客人, 咁我企埋一邊等, 期間我見有ba幫客人pack野收錢, 又見有個ba返黎counter(可能食完飯), 我見剛回來果個ba行埋黎我果邊, 我就同佢想買野, 點知另一個ba即刻拉走剛回來的ba, 同我講另一邊有客人等緊, 查詢要排隊, 我話我唔係查詢係買野唔使試, 但佢都依然要我排隊. 我嬲到即刻走人.

    如果我係查詢或者試產品要等, 絕對無問題, 但我唔使試即買即走都要等就好有問題囉.

  • 同我一樣啦! 真係, 如果要試SA上面先買, 我等下都無問題。 問題係, 我地呢D係QUICK SALE啦。 講都唔洗講我地就可以俾錢行人。 我都唔明佢地D BA做咩。 最搞笑係我地去COUNTER買野, 唔會有條QUEUE嘅物體GA MA, 排咩JER。我講起佢個COUNTER都仲係好火。

  • The BAs at Bobbi Brown (Harbour City) and at Becca (IFC) are like that too. Very bad.

    • I usually walk away when I experience that kind of service! I never understand why they are so stuck up! They are supposed to serve customers!!

  • 事隔咁耐,我上次去 Time Square Bare Minerals d BAs 都是這樣對我,很沒有禮貌,我即走,買都唔洗指意我會幫襯佢,上網訂好過 !

    • 係呀!! 我就算上網訂貴D,我都會上網訂! 做咩俾錢都要勞氣?