[醫美] 我的瘦面旅程

大家都知我好想瘦面啦! 基本想買得嚟搽話有關瘦面既野我都用過。 但係講真, 效果真係唔明顯! 於是我上網做research睇一d有關Botox瘦面既資料, 但係我竟然揾唔到一d真正既做前做後相! 於是我諗, 無人寫就我寫啦! 我上咗好多個網睇左好多資料後決定去呢間!

(English:  You all know that slimming face is my first priority!  I bought almost everything that says “face slimming” to try but honestly, none of them is really working!  Therefore, I came to my last resort and locate some information regarding Botox injection online.  Sadly, I wasn’t able to find anyone with a true before and after photo, then, I thought, “if no one does it, I will do it!”  After tons of research, I decided to go here:)

A-PLUS Beauty Medical Centre

我揀呢間唔係因為佢特別平(最緊要打得好), 而係我打上去個陣問佢地影唔影得相, 佢地話無問題! 我諗如果佢地俾得我影相都唔會係黑店, 所以我比較放心。 我之前無接觸過醫美既野, 所以今次我都想小心d選擇, 話哂都係自己塊面麻!

(English:  I didn’t pick this beauty centre because it has a friendly price tag (the most important thing is that the product is genuine).  I picked this because I asked if I could take any photos when I called them to book an appointment and they said no problem!  I secretly think that if they allow me to take pics, then it should be a geniune centre.  I didn’t have any experience in botox or anything like that, so that’s why I was quite cautious in selecting a good centre – it’s my face at the end of the day!)

上到去地方唔算好大, 但係樣樣野都好整齊! 感覺好好!

(English:  The place isn’t huge but everything is very tidy!  Nice!)

哈! 見到好多關於醫美既野! 佢地唔只有打Botox, Restylane, Juvederm同Sculptra都有!

(English:  Ah!!  They have different stuff for injection like Botox, Restylane, Juvederm and Sculptra.)

仲掛哂d certificate出黎! 感覺再放心多d!

(English:  And there are many certificates hanging around.  Ha – absolutely no worries!)

嗱, 我係屋企影咗d打Botox前嘅相, 你地要認住我呢個包包樣喇! 我而家post一張出黎先, 遲d review個陣再用其他個d相做Before & After比較啦!

(English:  Well, I had some pics taken at home and this is before Botox!  I post only one now for you to take a look, I will post more when it’s time to do my review.)

講下個過程先。 我係5月19號上去做一個免費既醫生consultation。 我同醫生嘅對話如下:

(English:  Let me talk about the process.  I went there on May 19th to have a free consultation with the Doctor.  My conversation with the Doctor is as follows:)


醫生:唔。 你唔係要整下個鼻先咩?

我:你真係眼利! 不過我未過到心理關口住!

(醫生就開始大力按我塊面喇。 真係好大力!)

醫生:唔。 你唔係好多肌肉喎! 你多Baby Fat!

我:多謝你話我係BB!! 咁我係咪無得救?

醫生:(笑)都可以打, 但係唔會變V面囉!

我:(好開心)OKOK!! 我都唔洗要V面呀! 瘦d我都好開心喇!

(之後我就book左5月26號上去打Botox喇!! 呵呵!!)

(English: Me: I want to slim my face!

Doctor: Hmmm….shouldn’t you do something about your nose first?”

Me: Haha…very sharp observation but I haven’t overcome my worries yet!

*then the Doctor started to squeeze my face….yea squeeze….*

Doctor: Hmmm…yours are not muscle, yours are baby fat!

Me: Thank you for calling me baby…ha….does it mean that I am totally hopeless?

Doctor: *smiles* You can still do the Botox injection, it’s just that don’t expect a V-shape face!

Me: *happy* NO PROBLEM!!!  Just slim up a bit would make me really happy!!

*then I booked an appointment to have my injection done on May 26th*)

上個星期六上到去, 等左一陣就到我喇。 醫生係我面前拎個未開封既Botox俾我望。 佢地用呢隻Botox係美國嘅!

(English:  I went there last Saturday and I had to wait for a bit (many guys and girls!!).  The Doctor took out a box which contains the Botox to let me examine it.  They are using the ones from the U.S.)

呢張相好迷, 因為個相機focus唔到。 望住枝Botox好似入面無野咁,你地見唔見個底有個好似光環嘅東東? 個d就係Botox喇!!

(English:  This pic is super blurry because the camera somehow couldn’t focus.  When I look at the bottle, it seems like nothing inside.  Can you see the “halo” at the bottom of the bottle?  It’s the Botox!!)


(English:  Everything is ready!)

醫生先用鹽水開左d Botox。 成枝Botox係有100個unit, 但係瘦面打50個unit就夠喇。 50個unit即係1.4ml, 每邊打0.7ml!

(English: The Doctor used the saline to “dilute” the Botox.  The Botox is of 100 units but for slimming face, only 50 units is enough.  50 units = 2.4ml and that means 1.7ml injection on each side of the face!)

因為真空嘅關係, 枝針(入面係鹽水)一吉入去枝Botox到, d液體就被扯哂入去個Botox樽度!

(English:  Since the bottle is vacuum sealed, it sucked the saline inside immediately once the needle was in.)

搞好左d工具。 醫生就畫我面! 佢話唔係個個醫生都畫, 有d醫生唔畫。 佢就仲意畫, 因為可以清楚d!

(English:  Everything was ready and the Doctor did draw a few lines on my face.  He said some Doctors might skip this step but he liked to draw because that gave him a clearer pic!)


(English:  Here we GO!!!)

每邊打五針! 咁會平均少少。 醫生話如果打一針就有時效果無咁好!

(English:  5 injection on each side!  The Doctor said this would have a more balanced effect.  One injection might not have the best result!)

被人針, 但係你望下我個樣係咪好鎮定呢! 我唔怕針既! 哈哈! 初初兩下無咩野, 醫生手勢都好好, 但係最後個三針就有少少痛(好少)。 嗱,我唔怕針, 所以我覺得無問題, 但係如果你怕針, 可能你會覺得痛㗎!

(English:  Hmm….can you see that I look really calm on the pics!  Right, I am not afraid of needles!!  The first two injections were fine but it was a bit painful from the third injection onwards.  Again, I am not afraid of needles, so I thought the pain was totally acceptable.  But if you are afraid of needles, you might feel painful!)

如果你怕針, 記得用個冰袋冰個面, 冰到痺咗先打就唔覺得痛喇。 (我另外個邊面無冰, 因為我想睇下有幾痛! 哈哈!)

(English:  If you are terrified by needles, then remember to use an ice pack to cool your face first, then the pain wouldn’t be noticeable (I didn’t do this on the other side because I wanted to see how painful that would be *laughs*!!).)

繼續打繼續打~~好快就打完喇! 我諗成個過程都係20分鐘啦!

(English:  Again and again!!  Done!!  I think the whole process was around 20 minutes!!)

啱啱打完無野睇既。 打完既四個小時唔好去瞓覺, 唔好跑跑跳跳。 仲有除左打完個日可以食d要”趙”嘅野之外, 以後就唔可以食喇, 例如: 香口膠(邊鬼個話香口膠會瘦面?), nuts,香蕉糕等等。我打完之後無咩特別感覺, 係覺個位有少少酸軟, 其他就無咩特別!

(English:  There is NO INSTANT effect.  For the first 4 hours after injection, don’t go to sleep, don’t run and jump.  Apart from the day of injection, I cannot eat anything that requires constant chewing like chewing gum (who said chewing gum would slim your face??), nuts etc.  No major feeling after injection, just a bit on the injected areas.)

打完Botox後一個月先會開始見效, 兩個月到就係最正嘅時間! 因為我係第一次打, 所以我4個月後就要再去俾醫生睇睇, 睇下幾時要再打過。 如果瘦面黎講有d人打四五次就會做到半永久效果, 但係呢d個個人唔同啦! 我一個月後同兩個月後會再影相做review同大家分享!等我!

(English:  It takes 1 month for Botox to work, and the best results shoudl appear in the 2nd month.  Since I am a first-timer, so I need to check back with the Doctor after 4 months and see when would be the 2nd injection.  For slimming face, some people can achieve the semi-permanent effect after 4-5 injections but everyone is different.  I will definitely report the status after 1 month and 2 month’s time!)

另外, 因為我有baby fat呢個問題, 所以佢地suggest我試下做一部機去脂, 應該效果會再明顯d! 我六月頭會去玩下部機。 到時再分享丫! 如果得就真係包包面人既喜訊喇!

(English:  Also, since I have baby fat problem, they suggest me to try a machine which helps to disintegrate the fat.  After that, I should have a more obvious result (together with Botox).  Well, I will go for it in early June, and I will share again.  If it works, that would be a brilliant news to all the people who have the same wish as me!)

註: 我今次打Botox既價錢係HK$3,000。 最特別之處係佢地淨係收現金。 唔收卡㗎! 仲有我見佢地有facial做, 最正係佢地逐次收費, 唔洗買course!! 正!

(English:  P.S. The cost for my Botox injection is HK$3,000.  They only accept cash – no credit cards!  Also, I see that they have different facials as well, and you literally pay for each time, there is no course to join!! Yay!!! LOVE THIS!!)

我寫埋電話地址丫, 你地有興趣可以打去問。 想等埋我個Botox review又得:

(English:  Let me write down their contact information, if you are interested, you could call and ask.  If you want to see my review on the Botox injection first, no problem:)

Company Name: A-Plus Beauty Medical Centre
Address: Unit A, 16/F, 18 Cameron Road, The Mangan Building, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Tel: 2723-0616

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