[化妝] 分析Urban Decay Naked Palette 1, 2 & 3

其實我一路都收到好多查詢,問我覺得究竟Urban Decay既Naked 1, 2, 3邊個好用! 我以前分別都講過Naked 1, 2, 3,不過Naked 1個post過份地耐,所以d相出唔到! 我執開野,咁突然間好想做一個post講哂三個palette,你地可以有個參考,同埋如果你一路都諗緊入手邊隻既話,我都希望呢個post可以幫到你! 咁又試多次色俾大家望下,咁又當補翻d Naked 1既試色圖係呢度做個record!! 哈哈~~ 好多野想講,所以拿拿聲開始喇! 呀! 仲有,我揾咗個網有Naked 1, 2, 3賣,可以free shipping黎香港,我買過一兩次,都OK既! 但係佢有數量限制,所以我唔可以幫大家買呀,買得多佢會cancel個order同block我account架! 我放埋個網址係下面,如果你唔識上網買,最好問下d朋友,如果一齊夾,買兩三個應該唔會cancel你order!

(English:  Actually I have received many inquiries over the years asking me which of the Naked Palettes is the best!  I have talked about Naked 1, 2 and 3 individually before, but my Naked 1 post is ages ago, so the photos are not showing up on my blog anymore!  I have been moving stuff around and I suddenly want to talk about the 3 palettes together, so you can have a better reference.  If you haven’t got yours yet, I hope this post would help you somehow to make the right decisions for yourself.  Also, I am going to swatch them again and it’s kind of a way to add the Naked 1 swatch photos back into my blog!  Haha~~  I want to talk about quite a few things, so let’s get started!!  Oh right, I have found an online website sells Naked 1, 2 and 3 and they offer free shipping to HK, I bought once or twice there and the delivery is fine!  But it has a limit on the quantities, so I cannot do a group order for you, because if I buy too many, they will cancel my order and block my account!  I will put the website down below and you can check it out!  If you don’t know how to shop online, please ask your friends to help you, I think buying 2-3 per palette should be OK!)

Urban Decay Naked Palette 1, 2 & 3


價錢(Price):around HK$485

Buy from (click link):

Naked 1
Naked 2
Naked 3


(English: Beauty bloggers have identified the difference between the three palettes as follows:)

Naked 1 – Warm Neutrals
Naked 2 – Taupe Neutrals
Naked 3 – Rose Hued Neutrals


(English:  Let’s go through each of the palette and its swatches first~~  I will label next to the eyeshadow name whether they are Shimmery, Matte or Glitter so that you can understand more!)


Naked 1 – Warm Neutrals

Colors included (from left to right): Virgin (Shimmery), Sin (Shimmery), Naked (Matte), Sidecar (Shimmery), Buck (Matte), Half Baked (Shimmery), Smog (Shimmery), Darkhorse (Shimmery), Toasted (Shimmery), Hustle (Shimmery), Creep (Shimmery) and Gunmetal (Shimmery)


Naked 2 – Taupe Neutrals

Colors included (from left to right): Foxy (Matte), Half Baked (Shimmery), Bootycall (Shimmery), Chopper (Shimmery), Tease (Matte), Snakebite (Shimmery), Suspect (Shimmery), Pistol (Shimmery), Verve (Shimmery), YDK (Shimmery), Busted (Shimmery) and Blackout (Matte)

有一個色係同Naked 1一樣,就係Half Baked喇~

(English:  One color is a repeat from Naked 1 and it’s Half Baked~~)

Naked 3 – Rose Hued Neutrals


Colors included (from left to right): Strange (Matte), Dust (Glitter), Burnout (Shimmery), Limit (Matte), Buzz (Glitter), Trick (Shimmer), Nooner (Matte), Liar (Shimmery), Factory (Shimmery), Mugshot (Shimmery), Darkside (Shimmery) and Blackheart (Shimmery)




(English:  Putting the three swatches together)

Naked 1

Naked 2


Naked 3


個人感覺: 我覺得三個palette既粉質想色度都係一貫Urban Decay既水準! 好上色!
全部試色圖我都無打底,閃既就一下都好上色,唔閃既畫兩下都出色! 所以基本上考慮既因素唔在於眼影粉質,而係在於你鍾意邊個色喇。


Naked 1: 我好鍾意佢係暖色,同埋有好多好實用同唔同程度既金同啡色,除左呢d色,佢仲有Sin, Toasted呢d淺色俾你轉下妝,有時唔洗一定啡金啡金咁配。 仲有Creep同Gunmetal可以俾你要smokey個陣做smokey! 我覺得呢個palette既實用性係超高。 佢既大地色系好全面,亦都好有變化,成個palette既連貫性高,一望落去就知佢主調係大地色,顏色好協調,可以互相配搭(亂搭都唔會出事)! 我覺得佢d顏色都適合唔同既膚色去用,用係亞洲人就更加正,因為我地係黃底,呢d tone我地好易carry!我覺得如果你鍾意好實在好rich既大地色系,同埋你會鍾意一時自然,一時smokey,我覺得呢個比較啱你! 

Naked 2: 我覺得佢地比較冷調既neutrals(唔知你地明唔明我講咩)。 佢有啡色,但係亦都有比較多既冷色,好似Verve, Pistol! Busted亦帶plum調。 整體上我覺得顏色無Naked 1咁高連貫性,用落覺得佢既顏色鋪排無Naked 1做得咁好。 Naked 1既顏色可以亂搭都靚,但係我覺得Naked 2就唔可以,真係要諗邊個色襯邊個色先好睇,我覺得呢個化妝新手未必覺得好易去handle! 同埋我覺得呢個palette既顏色比較適合比較白既人去用,感覺上會夾d! 如果亞洲人偏黃tone,我就覺得我地未必acrry到所有既顏色! 我覺得呢個palette係三個入面既實用性比較底一d,如果你真係好愛呢個palette既顏色先好入手。

Naked 3: 玫瑰金做主調既一個palette。 我覺得呢盒既水準拍得住Naked 1,因為一望落顏色協調,顏色之間又可以互相配搭! 其中我最鍾意Burnout呢個顏色,你見我都用到凹左! 我覺得呢個palette既顏色有d浪漫,好易carry,無Naked 1咁rich,亦都好啱唔同膚色,亞洲人carry都絕對無問題! 我覺得如果你鍾意好自然既look既話,我覺得呢個啱你! 雖則佢有Blackheart同Darkside,但係整體上感覺無Naked 1咁rich咁啡咁大地!


我最鍾意邊個? 通常睇戲都會覺得第一集最精彩,如果講Naked palette我有同感! 用左咁耐,我最鍾意都係Naked 1, 因為真係好rich好有驚喜既一個palette!其次,我就鍾意Naked 3,因為我覺得佢既顏色好有新意同埋個palette見到有Naked 1既影子,但係變左唔同tone! 我覺得三個當中最敗筆算係Naked 2喇,主要係因為我覺得佢無咗顏色既連貫性,感覺上顏色鋪排有d散!

(English:  Product Review: The quality of the 3 palettes are exceptional as usual!  They are very pigmented.  As you can see in the swatches (without any eyeshadow primers), the shimmery colors are very pigmented with just 1 stroke; and for the matte ones, it takes 2 strokes to bring out the intensity.  So, the decision is not based on which one has better quality, it’s entirely based on which colors you like!  I have summarized my thoughts as follows (just my thoughts as I have been using them for a good while now):

Naked 1:  I love the fact that it’s warm neutral and it has a good selection of gold and brown.  Apart from these, it offers Sin and Toasted so that you can switch up your looks a bit (well don’t have to use gold and brown all the time).  Also it comes with Creep and Gunmetal and if you want smokey, you have something handy!!  I feel that this palette is well thought out and I love the varieties of the earth tone shades!  The colors speak for themselves and with the first glance, you know that it’s a earth tone palette!  The colors go with each other really well and you can truly mix and match (randomly!!).  Also, it’s suitable for different skin tones especially Asian, because we are yellow by nature, these brown tones just suit us really well.  I feel that if you love rich earthy colors, and you like both natural and smokey looks, this would suit your needs.

Naked 2: It’s taupe neutral, and I feel that it has more cool colors.  Yea it has brown, but it also has quite a few cool colors like Verve, Pistol!  Even Busted has a plum tone to it!  Overall speaking, I feel that it’s not as well thought out as Naked 1 and the color selection is not as great as Naked 1.  For Naked 1, you can random pick 2 colors and they go well together; but for Naked 2, you really need to take your time to think what goes with what.  So this might not be the palette of a makeup newbie.  Also, I feel that the colors are more suitable for fair skin tone, they just match better!  For Asian with yellow undertone, I feel that not every colors suit us really well.  I have to say this is the least practical out of the 3 palettes and my advice to you is that you really have to love each color inside this palette before picking up one.

Naked 3: Finally something with rose hued neutrals!  I honestly think that this is almost as exciting as Naked 1.  When you first glance at it, the colors are nicely selected and again they go well together!  You can probably tell my favourite color in this palette is Burnout (it has a dint)!  This palette is a bit more on the romantic side, easy to carry and not as rich as Naked 1.  It’s suitable for different skin tones as well, especially Asians.  I feel that if you like natural looks most of the time, this is for you.  Yes it comes with Blackheart and Darkside, but it doesn’t have that intensity of Naked 1.

好喇!! 講咗好耐,我搞呢篇文都搞咗3個鐘,要去休息下! 希望幫到你啦~~有興趣就自己上網買喇~~ click HERE


(English:  Right!!  I have talked enough as I have already spent 3 hours on this!  Time to rest and hopefully it helps you to make your decision~~  If you are interested, please haul online and click here!!




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