Colourpop Ultra Matte/ Glossy/ Satin Lip Swatches

之前係Instagram(@iamhakme)或者Snapchat (@iamhakme)都同大家分享左我終於入手咗Colourpop既產品,因為我入手得太多野既關係,所以我要分幾個blog post同video去做。 今日睇住呢幾枝Colourpop Ultra Matte/ Glossy/ Satin Lip既試色圖先啦,我遲少少會做個日記分享video再報告詳細用後感。 如果你對呢個品牌有興趣既話,聽日記得睇我個敗家同First Impression video。哈哈,本身我想係個video講哂所有產品,但係我敗得太多,所以聽日我淨係可以揀幾樣用上面,其他就落blog同大家分享啦。

(English:  I revealed on Instagram (@iamhakme) or Snapchat (@iamhakme) before regarding my recent Colourpop purchase.  Since I have got a bit over board with their products, I need to separate them in a few blog posts and video.  Today I am going to show you Colourpop Ultra Matte/ Glossy/ Satin Lip swatches, and I will do a diary style video to capture my thoughts after use.  If you are interested in this brand, please come back and watch my haul and first impression video tomorrow.  *Laughs*  Originally, I wanted to talk about everything in one single video, but I got really carried away and there is no way I could use everything on my face, so I will have to pick a few to use in my tomorrow’s video and the rest I will show you here.)

Colourpop Ultra Matte/ Glossy/ Satin Lip USD6@
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From Left to Right: Bad Habit (Matte), Master Plan (Glossy), Finders Keepers (Glossy), Are & Be (Matte) and Toolips (Satin).

佢呢款有三個系列三個唔同質感。 有Matte,Glossy同Satin。 Matte同Satin好實色,畫一下就出到上圖既顏色。而Glossy就感覺似出色少少既lipgloss。Matte同Satin我會再出video同大家分享持久度各樣各樣。 好快好快,大家等等我。不過想提一提,Colourpop官網有ship黎香港,所以我係官網買,但係d顏色真係好難睇同埋唔準,所以我建議大家睇中咩顏色都好,要自己再google一下試色圖,咁就最安全喇。

(English:  There are 3 different series with 3 different textures within this lip range – Matte, Glossy and Satin.  Matte and Satin are very solid in colors, basically with one stroke, it will give out the intensity as per the picture.  Glossy gives me a feeling of a “more pigmented” lipgloss.  I will work on the video for Matte and Satin just to show you their longevity etc.  It wouldn’t be long *grins*.  Another point I want to mention is that Colourpop does ship to Hong Kong, so I bought from their official website.  However, the colors are quite hard to tell on the site and they do tend to differ from the real deal.  So I highly recommend you google the color you like so that you can check out the swatches before making that purchase.)

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