My Hobby Is My Job

Yes.  Fabulous, isn’t it?  How many people can have their hobbies as their full-time jobs?  It all sounds very glamorous on the surface, but indeed I am ready to share some hardcore facts with you.  Yes, I do realise I am living some people’s dreams and I agree that I am very blessed to be able to do what I love to do every single day.  I also have to admit that every time when I lay out a corner of my skincare and makeup collections on the table ready to play the role of some lab testing maniac, it gives me enormous amount of joy.  However, as you all can probably tell that I am a very realistic person, and practical too.  I don’t want to paint a picture to youngsters that I don’t need to work for all of these or all I do is just talking about absolutely nonsense on YouTube and miraculously I am living my dream when I wake up one day.


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Opportunity Is Given To Those Who Are Prepared

I think I read the phrase long time ago and it has stuck with me ever since.  Prepare yourself when there seems to be no path in front of you, I think this is so crucial to get to where you want to be.  I have said this many times that when I started this blog, I had absolutely no idea of where I was going.  If I told my younger self that I would be on YouTube and I would own 4 stores having a team of supportive and fabulous people working alongside with me, my younger self probably told my current self to “piss off”.  I started because of pure passion and the fact that I did want to kill some spare time (not going to lie on this one).  But what I did was I wasn’t taking this whole blog thing very lightly, I was constant and consistent, I was doing blog post 5 days a week for god knows how long.  I was researching to see what would be interesting to my readers all the time and I invested my own money to get to know more products so that I could give fair comparisons and reviews.  I took this really seriously even at that point in time I didn’t know where I was heading.  Don’t get me wrong, I did have my days whereby I felt like “Oh God, this is taking too much of my personal life and I don’t know where it is leading, if anywhere.” I honestly didn’t feel like I had a life for so long, instead of doing anything with my friends, I would rather sit at home and typing away on my computer.  That was the choice that I made because I was committed fully.  Is it harsh?  Yes, it is.  But everything has both sides, you could say that what was the point of working so hard and having no life, but I would argue that if it’s not due to my diligence, today would be non-existence.  I was prepared, I was fully prepared.  With the crazy amount of time that I spent writing about every single product online, it became instinctive to me of what’s good, bad and indifferent.  I started to understand what a customer specifically looks for in a product/ function and I started to understand what my readers liked and disliked.  I accumulated those valuable knowledge without even realising it.  BAM!  When the opportunity came, I was able to spot that and act on it fairly quickly.


Don’t Ever Give Up Trying

This is literally Mr Honey’s motto, if you know him personally, you will hear him saying, “Don’t Ever Give Up Trying, It’s Better To Try Than Not Try At All.”  Throughout this Hakme Beauty journey, I have encountered many sleepless nights, I have come across many obstacles and I definitely have too many types of frustrations that I would even care to mention.  I am only human and I do have my down, tired, whiny days.  During my darkest hours, I did want to just quit and got back to my normal lifestyle because it seemed much easier.  I recalled one conversation whereby I shared my frustration with Mr Honey, what he said to me brought me light up to this date: “Don’t Give Up, You Don’t Know How Close You Are To Whatever You Want To Do.”  True.  So true to the point that I immediately got back to my beloved computer and started acting like my bloody normal self.  I have never stopped since then and I won’t ever stop.  I make sure I work twice as hard every single day to ensure Hakme Beauty’s team is proud to be where we are and even more proud going forward.  I never look back since, no matter how much work I have to do, no matter how crazy some of the incidents are and no matter how stressed some of the episodes make me.  Indeed, today I thanked my younger self for not giving up.  I have also taken out the words “Give Up” from my dictionary and I promise myself that whatever I face, I will just “Get On With It.”  It takes a lot of mental power to rise in darkness or just to pursue what your heart tells you, it’s definitely not easy.  Even for a positive, cheerful me, it wasn’t easy.  However, I am sure if you want something enough or something is really important to you, you will find the time and mental power to achieve what needs to be done for the greater good as a whole.


Being Clever Is One Thing, Being Diligent Changes Your Game

I mentioned the word “diligent” earlier and I think I had kind of touched on the point.  However, I think the word really deserves a greater coverage.  Whether you are clever or not, it’s a matter of either you have the intelligence or you don’t.  Just because you don’t think you are scoring that high on the IQ level, does it mean that you can’t do great things?  I beg to differ.  I have always been interested in successful people’s autobiography and after reading so many, I notice one thing – yes they are probably smart, but I can’t deny the fact that they all do work very hard.  I am certainly not the brightest of the bunch but one thing I can comfortably claim is that I am a very hard-working person (I confidently believe Mr Honey and my whole team would agree on this).  I guess part of it is because I know that I am not the smartest ass out there, so in order to achieve the same result or even better outcome, I need to put more time into things and work more diligently in order to catch up or even surpass.  There is absolutely no point of me whining about not being intelligent enough to do this and that because I basically can’t control my intelligent level.  However, one thing I can control is how much time, effort, investigation I put into what I do.  Yes, I guarantee you the word “diligence” will bring you the outcome that you want.  I know it’s probably old story, but I do again say this a lot, “I am not your average V chin, big eyes, slim body type girl”.  In such judgemental social media platforms, I would have been bombarded again and again if it’s not for my diligence.  You all appreciate how hard I work to create content for you and you all love that you can see regular and consistent update on my YouTube channel and my blog.  Suddenly, my look doesn’t matter anymore (still matter since I am dominantly a beauty blogger/ vlogger, but you know what I meant)!  It doesn’t matter because my diligence tells you how committed I am to you, it shows how sincere I am in this journey, it gives you confidence that I am a trustworthy person and it certainly keeps you coming back for more.

If you read till here, thank you for again for spending your time with me.  By now I hope you have an idea that nothing comes easy and if you want whatever in life, go work on it.  People say luck plays an important role, but I believe hard work comes first and foremost.  People can take away your luck but no one can take away your hard work.

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