Hakme Beauty 3rd Year Anniversary – Keeping It Real

Time flies and we are at that time again whereby we celebrate the 3rd year of Hakme Beauty and also I got to recap my sentiments through the year.  I just had a read on my 2nd year anniversary blog post and it did give me some joy knowing that we survived another year.  In that post, I did tell the story of how Hakme Beauty came around and all of our hard work put into it, so I am not going to bore you by repeating myself.

Top: Zara Top
Jeans: Topshop Leigh Jeans
Bag: Celine Box Bag (review video)
Shoes: Gucci Studded Flats (link)
Glasses: Dior Murmure (link)

Today I want to tell you something that I haven’t told you before and I want to show my gratitude towards everyone involved.  Only then you might have a better understanding of who we are and only then I can tell you how thankful I am.


My vision for Hakme Beauty is to offer quality products at the right price points.  I am not saying it’s definitely cheap or high-end, what I mean is that whatever prices the products are marked at, the products should deliver results in relations to the price points.  This is very important to me because as a customer, I don’t want to pay for HK$1,000 and get HK$100 results.  That’s basically why I personally try and test every product and see if it would live up to the standard.  Yea, the selection process does take a lot of time, effort and sometimes I would ruin my skin during the trial, but oh well, this is what I insist on and I intend to keep it at that.  Every time you tell me that your skin is better based on our recommendation, it makes all the pain worthwhile.  At the end of the day, we can’t recommend you anything without experiencing the products ourselves first, right?  Thanks for putting your trust in us, whenever I see you in the streets/ in the stores, your simple “add oil/ keep up the good work” does remind me constantly why I am doing this and I am grateful for all of your support.


This is a bit difficult to grasp because it’s not only me on the scene, I rely heavily on my colleagues to carry out the service effectively on the front line.  To be honest, we grew from 2 stores to 4 stores and we have been constantly hiring people.  Some fit our culture and some don’t, that’s just how life is and it’s down to business decisions, nothing personal.  I want you to have a happy and fruitful shopping experience; I want my BAs to be able to recommend you products based on your needs; I want you to be able to relax when you come in after a long day and have that smile of satisfaction when you leave any one of the stores.  Yes that’s what I see and that’s how it should be.  I feel that we are sometimes there, but we are not constantly there yet.  It’s down to me to bring the girls up to speed and I admit that I got so busy sometimes that I just got carried away with other tasks.  The lucky thing is that the team right now are all very passionate and they are willing to listen and change.  So hopefully before we hit the 4th anniversary, I can proudly say we are where we should be.  I thank all of your patience in advance 🙂 and of course thanks to all the colleagues who strive to offer better services every single day.

Brands Think We Are Too Small

I don’t know how many times I come across this phrase from brands within these 3 years.  I used to get really frustrated (almost angry) because I did want to bring in some cool brands in Hong Kong (and I got really bored seeing the same thing every single day), however, not every one of the brands is willing to work with us because we are too small in size. Well well well, fast forward to today, I am not bothered anymore.  If they see something in us and they really want to grow their brands with us, they will work with us; otherwise, I am not interested and I don’t really care how good of a name they have elsewhere.  I can’t force a situation, I can only choose to work with those who are genuinely interested in developing their own brands. We might be small in numbers (depending on what you compare us to), but we are definitely passionate in what we do.  Sometimes, I feel that our product/brand selection is like finding “hidden gems” in a RPG game – it gets really exciting and rewarding when you find them in the most unpredictable places.  Thanks to all the brands that have faith in us and are currently working with us. I am really happy to have the current selection because I do think each of the brands have their own uniqueness.  And I know in the years ahead, there will be more on board (I am happy, but I will never be content).

That’s It For Hakme Beauty

So many brands/ people have asked me what’s my plan for the future for Hakme Beauty.  Interesting.  I am not a person who is dying to tick off the scorecard, I am more of a person who enjoys the journey.  I can’t tell you exactly what we will be in 5 years (sorry, I don’t possess a crystal ball), but I can tell you that we focus on doing our best every day and we try our best to improve on the things that are less than satisfactory.  We are real people doing what we love to do; we are real people who listen to your comments and feedback and we are real people trying to do the right things.  We are not corporates and we will never be no matter how many stores we open.  We intend to keep it real and exciting throughout our journey and I am sure by focusing on “doing our best every day”, this is the only way we will grow healthily.  So, to sum up, no, this is not it for Hakme Beauty.  I believe this is only the beginning.  Thanks again for coming on the ride with us, one thing I can  promise you is that “we always keep it real”.

“Every great thing has a humble beginning”

“If your dream doesn’t scare you, it isn’t big enough.”

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