Dior Eyeshadow Palette in No. 867 Attract

今日有講下眼影,就係之前入手咗既Dior眼影。 雖然我唔係好愛搽粉紅色,但係我覺得春季其中一個好啱時辰既眼影組合就係粉紅+啡色。而Dior呢一盒就正正係呢個組合喇。

(English:  Let’s talk about eyeshadow today – and yes it’s the Dior 5 Colour Eyeshadow Palette.  Though I am not a big fan of putting pink on my eyelids, I do think that pink + brown are the perfect combination for the Spring season.  Guess what?  It’s exactly what this Dior palette has to offer.)


Dior Eyeshadow Palette in No. 867 Attract HK$550


我鍾意佢個粉紅無閃,其他係閃,而佢既粉紅係比較sharp既一種,唔係pastel顏色,所以唔會有眼腫呢個問題。 我覺得佢地呢個顏色做得好大路,有三個唔同既啡色,一般日子絕對用得到,而粉紅就可以係用啡色用到好悶既時候加少少,咁又有d變化。 我覺得今次呢盒Dior既顏色比佢冬季既顏色透薄,我諗佢係因應春天大家都唔會想搽得好深色,所以上皮膚既時候第一二次既顏色係比較透色,如果想實色d,絕對可以build。另外,粉質都同以往一樣好滑好細,好易blend,就算build up都唔會一達達! 我覺得唔錯,design顏色唔係太特別,但係就真係實用既一盒。 我成日都話如果投資大牌既話,make sure你買成日都用既顏色,咁先會值回票價!

(English:  I like the fact that the pink is matte in this palette whereas everything else is shimmery.  The pink is a sharper pink, it’s not your normal “spring pastel pink”, so there won’t be the issues of making Asian eyes more puffy.  I feel that the palette is very practical in the sense that there are 3 shades of brown, so these are perfect for your normal work/ day-to-day look.  And if you get really bored with the browns occasionally, you got the pink!  In my opinion, the intensity of this Dior palette is less than its Autumn/ Winter collections, which makes perfect sense to me – who would want smokey in Spring and Summer (apart from me when I was younger lol).  So when you apply the shadows on skin, you will notice that the colours are a bit more sheer, if you want some intensity, of course you can build it up as you wish.  Well, for the powder, it’s finely milled as usual, easy to blend and it won’t be patchy even when building up.  Quite a nice one.  To be honest, I don’t think the design nor the colour is breath-taking, but it’s definitely one of the more practical, day-to-day palettes.  I did say this before – if you plan to invest on high end cosmetics, make sure you pick something that you can use most of the time, then it will be worthwhile.)

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