Esterel Nutri-Action 修復皮膚表層面霜

做咗網上分享咁耐,一路都有聽到好多人皮膚比較易敏感同埋好似搽咩都好乾。 如果你都有呢個狀況,我諗我今日講既呢個面霜應該幫到你。黑咪店網站有售。

(English:  During my online sharing life, I have been hearing so many of you are prone to allergies and somehow your skin is still dry no matter what you use.  If you have this issue, maybe this cream could help. It’s available at Hakme Beauty stores and online.)

Esterel Hydra Evolution Nutri-Action Cream HK$458/50ml


Esterel呢個品牌之前都有講過,佢係意大利品牌,品牌係用植物成份同埋科學結合而成,佢地唔係單一推某一隻成份,佢地係著重用唔同成份去製成自己既配方。 簡單d講:你去睇中醫,佢地都係比條配方你入面有唔同種類既藥,一齊煲完,達至想要既效果。 如果你皮膚好易敏感既話,又覺得搽乜都係乾,咁有機會係你皮膚表層受損/唔健康以致唔可以有效地lock住水份同埋比較容易受外來環境影響而敏感。 呢個面霜就可以幫你保濕同埋修復皮膚表層,當皮膚表層健康既時候,咁就無咁易受外來環境影響而敏感,同埋亦都可以有效地lock住你搽左既保濕產品,唔會搽完好似冇搽喇。 佢個質地唔厚,搽完好快吸收,吸完皮膚好滑亦唔會覺得笠。朝早夜晚用都得,朝早用既份量少d可以喇,因為你之後仲搽防曬化妝各樣。如果有興奮自己去望下啦。

(English:  I have talked about Esterel before, it’s from Italy.  The specialty of the brand is to use plant-based ingredients combined with technology to create its products.  They don’t just push for 1 particular ingredient, they focus on their formulation of using different ingredients.  In simple terms, say you go to see a Chinese doctor, they don’t just give you one type of medicine, they give you their formulation which include a few different ingredients, then you boil them together to get to the medicine itself!  If your skin is prone to allergies and you feel that your skin is still dry no matter what you use, then it could mean that the top layer of your skin is not healthy, and that’s why it can’t do its jobs properly – protect you from outside factors which might cause you allergies/ simply locking moisture in your skin effectively.  This cream is designed to hydrate and repair the top layer of skin.  When the top layer is happy and healthy, then it will do its job properly and effectively.  The texture of this cream is wonderful too, it’s easy to absorb and skin feel velvety smooth afterwards without creating any unnecessary burden to skin.  This cream can be used in both morning and night, just a gentle reminder, the amount used in the morning should be less because you will need to put another few layers on afterwards – like your sunscreen, makeup etc.  If you are interested, go check it out.)

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