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Makeup Revolution基本上每期都出好多新品,今日講呢個大大餅,其中一餅亦係上個月既大愛出現過。 如果你去過黑咪店,可能你都會諗咁大餅究竟係咩? 其實佢係highlight黎,外國既highlight trend都興咗幾年,近年越玩越光,越玩越特別!黑咪店網站有售。

(English:  Makeup Revolution releases new products constantly, today I am to show you these big pans.  One of them made to my favs last month!  If you have been to Hakme Beauty and see these, you might actually wonder what they are as well.  They are highlight indeed.  The highlight trend in western countries has been going on for years but for the recent year, I have to say it gets more glow and the colours get more fun!  These are available at Hakme Beauty stores and online.)


Makeup Revolution  Skin Kiss HK$90


有三個顏色選擇,Ice Kiss同Golden Kiss既顏色比較大路,比較白既人襯Ice Kiss,比較健康膚色帶黃tone既襯Golden Kiss,兩隻上面都有pop既效果,亦唔會一點點好大點金粉。 效果靚同sharp。 另外Peach Kiss其實襯到好多人,效果亦都比較自然,無咁pop,反而係個頭轉既時候先睇到光既折射,唔會有兩行好sharp既highlight,反而係你個頭郁既時候,你皮膚望落好有光澤感。 如果你唔係highlight queen,只係想試下或者想平日用,我覺得Peach Kiss係靚得黎低調同自然。 我個人最多都係用Peach Kiss,因為唔會over咗,如果想勁d我先用Golden Kiss。 我自己skin tone就唔襯Ice Kiss,所以同我無緣。 如果你白既話,Peach Kiss都係會有自然效果,Ice Kiss就會比較spotlight效果喇。

(English:  These comes in 3 colours.  Ice Kiss and Golden Kiss are very common highlight colours.  If you have fair skin, Ice Kiss would match you better; if you have tanned skin with a yellow undertone, then Golden Kiss would look more fab on you.  Both offer the “pop” effect and you won’t get to see the crazy glitter on your face.  The result is nice and sharp.  As for Peach Kiss, I think it’s great for most skin tones and the result is more subtle.  You only get to see the glow when your hand turns and you won’t get to see the two streak of highlights on your cheek bones.  Peach Kiss is definitely more of a “natural glow finish”.  If you are not a highlight queen or you just want to try highlight your face, I think Peach Kiss is a subtle and natural choice for you.  I personally use Peach Kiss a lot just because it’s not over the top!  If I want more pop, I would go for Golden Kiss.  Ice Kiss doesn’t go with my skin tone too well but if you have fair skin, Peach Kiss still offers natural finish and Ice Kiss definitely offers you more spotlight effect!)

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