bhcosmetics Nude Rose 12 Colour Eyeshadow Palette

呢個bhcosmetics Nude Rose Palette都係之前係影片中分享過,不過又係要上網買,所以我做埋試色圖俾大家參考啦。

(English:  I have shared my thoughts on this bhcosmetics Nude Rose Palette in one of my videos before.  Since it’s not available in Hong Kong and if you are interested, you will need to purchase it online.  Let me swatch the colours for your reference.)


bhcosmetics Nude Rose 12 Colour Eyeshadow Palette £16.00
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如果你之前miss咗或者唔記得咗我影片入面既用後感既話,你可以按此skip to: 12:00,你就可以睇到我覺得佢好唔好用啦。

(English: If you have missed my previous video or want to refresh your memory, please press this link and skip to 12:00, you will see my review there.)

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