My Eye Areas Are So Oily – Oh GOD!


(English:  I have come across this question a lot, I meant A LOT: my eye areas are so oily, what is the best eyeliner and mascara?  No, we are not talking about eyeliners and mascaras today.  I actually want to drill more into the root cause – how come there are so many people with oily eye areas?)

皮膚好油既朋友有時都會有油眼,我覺得好正常,因為皮膚油麻! 但係我亦有好多時聽到皮膚好乾,但係對眼非常油,咁呢個我覺得有d怪喇。 跟住有一日我pat pat痕,朝早用隻好潤身既眼霜(我平日朝早用好輕身既眼部產品)之後化我平日既眼妝出街睇下又會點,哈哈,係,我都變熊貓。 我唔敢話個個都係因為用咗潤既眼霜,但係,如果你覺得你眼妝好易溶既話,咁你要留意下你化妝前有無用好潤含油份既眼霜,或者你個遮瑕膏又係咪好潤身? 如果有,你可以轉下化妝前用一d清爽少少既眼部產品,又會唔會好d?

(English:  For oily skin types to have oily eye areas, I could totally understand; but what is bugging me is dry skin types to have oily eye areas!  That doesn’t really make too much sense to me.  Then one day, I was so curious to the point that I used a very moisturising eye cream in the morning (usually I use product with a lot lighter texture), then applied my usual eye makeup and see what happened.  RIGHT, I turned into a panda too.  I am not saying every pair of oily eye areas is due to some sort of rich eye cream.  However, my point is if your eye makeup melts/ moves easily, then maybe take a look at your “morning” eye cream – is it rich? Is it more of an oily base?  Also does your concealer have that oily feeling too?  If so, maybe switch to a lighter product in the morning and see if it would be any better.)


(English:  Also, if you really have oily eye areas, the skin around eye areas is as intelligent as other parts of the body, if it’s not hydrated enough, it will secrete oil to protect itself, so my next question for you is: whatever you are using, is it hydrating enough?)

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