Morning Routine? I Don’t Have One.

我好耐之前係YouTube都提過下我朝早係無morning routine,呢個意思即係話我朝早唔會一定要搽一系列既護膚品。 之後我見我做化妝傾計片既時候,大家見到我無搽乜乜物物都好似好驚嚇咁。 不如我分享一下點解啦。

(English:  I did briefly mentioned on YouTube that I didn’t have a morning routine quite awhile back.  This means I don’t have a series of skincare items to be applied in the morning.  Then when I did the chit chat makeup videos, I noticed some of you were really surprised that I didn’t apply such and such on my face.  Maybe I should share my thoughts with you here officially.)

唔化妝既日子就算淨係留係屋企做野,我都一定搽防曬,呢個我會睇皮膚有幾乾天氣有幾乾黎決定我搽邊枝。 基本上用完清水洗面,我就會搽防曬同埋眼部產品收緊翻腫腫地既眼袋就算,無話又搽精華又搽面霜。 我咁多年都係用呢個方法。 So far so good。 如果好乾,我會搽防曬前加少少保濕精華係乾既位置,完成。 朝早唔係皮膚修復既黃金時間,我覺得唔需要搽太多野。 一來皮膚唔係進行修復狀態,搽太多野都未必有效果,二來我著重晚上既保養多好多,因為夜晚先係皮膚修復黃金時段。 防曬係唔搽唔得咁解jer。

(English:  When I just stay at home for the day, sunscreen is a must.  The weather and my skin condition determines which sunscreen I would apply for the day.  So basically, I wash my face with cold water in the morning, then I apply my sunscreen and a eye care product which will help minimise my puffy eyes.  Voila.  There is no ridiculous amount of serums and creams.  I have been following this practice for so many years.  So far so good.  If my skin is drier than usually, then I would use hydrating serum on the dry areas before sunscreen.  That’s basically it!  In my eyes, morning time is not the perfect time for skin to renew and repair, that’s why I don’t think I need to load up the skincare products: 1. I doubt how effective the skincare products would be when skin is basically not in the mood to do its job; 2. I focus on my night time routine a lot more because that’s the perfect time for skin to do its good work.  Sunscreen is a must, just because I/ everyone needs it – simple.)

如果當日會化妝既話,咁就有d改變,base同防晒一定要有,如果粉底有足夠度數既防曬,我亦唔會再另搽一枝防曬,因為SPF係唔會1+1=2,1+1都係等於1。底霜我就會揀保濕既,因為我皮膚乾,所以揀保濕base最方面,一次過做保濕同埋化妝底霜。 基本上要搽放曬就搽,粉底有就skip直接搽base之後上粉底各樣各樣。 如果平日晚上護理啱自己既話,我真係唔覺得第二日仲要搽好多野上面。 當然如果皮膚好乾既日子,我第一個step都會搽保濕精華,但係呢個睇情況,唔係一定。我諗因為係我著重晚上護理,所以如果我起身覺得皮膚好鞋,或者好多油,我會去研究下夜晚個堆產品有咩唔啱,但係朝早既護理,我覺得最簡單最設合自己既需要可以喇。 哈哈,你地而家明白點解你地成日叫我出片做morning routine我都無出,原因係我都無一個繁複既morning routine去show俾大家睇!

(English:  If I need to go out, which means I need to put on makeup for the day, then the “routine” changes slightly.  Primer and sunscreen are the must have for me.  If the foundation contains a sufficient amount of SPF, then I wouldn’t apply another sunscreen because SPF doesn’t add up together, 1+1 doesn’t =2, 1+1 still equals to 1.  For base, I would choose the hydrating ones because I have dry skin, so it’s quite simple for me to opt for a hydrating base to kill two birds with one stone for me.  Well, if I need to apply a sunscreen, then sunscreen first and then a hydrating primer, then the foundation and all that kind of good stuff.  I believe if the night time routine is good for me, I should need to load up so many products on the next day.  Of course, sometimes my skin gets ridiculously dry, then my first step for that day would be hydrating serum.  This depends on situations, this is not a must.  I pay so much attention into my night time routine, if I get up and my skin is rough/ oily, I would investigate what is wrong with the night time products instead.  I believe for day care, you just need to choose what’s best for you and your skin.  *Laughs*  Now you understand why I haven’t shot any videos relating to my morning routine, it’s simply because I don’t have a “complicated one” to be on air.)

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