[敗家魔女周記] 2012最值得投資的聖誕產品

先講一下如果你見我個title係[敗家], 即係話我完全由我個心操控我既行為, 唔太經思想地想敗就敗, 如果你見我個title係[敗家魔女周記],即係話我有做好多research, 係諗清諗楚先敗個隻! 咁去分別兩個行為會好d, 因為如果係化妝品護膚品, 你應該要見到我冷靜既一面(嘻嘻)!!

(English:  First, let me explain a bit on my title, if you see it as just [Haul], then it means that my heart controls my brain and I just haul when I see something that I like.  If you see the title as [Hauling Witch’s Weekly Diary], then please be assured that it means I have done a lot of research prior to the haul and I did do some analysis while hauling.  It’s best to distinguish the two behaviour because when it comes to cosmetics and skincare items, I think I deserve to appear as a calmer consumer *winks*!!)

話說未十一月我就開始上網做research, 睇下今年有咩聖誕產品係值得投資。 講真, 每年聖誕都好多誘惑, 我今年唔想淨係趁高興去敗一d產品, 但係之後會發覺我用唔着(係咪好make sense先?)。 我左睇右睇, 我淨係揀咗d我覺得價錢 , 質量, 實用都符合我各方面要求既產品。 一個品牌係Chanel(你都估到啦!), 另一個係Anna Sui! 好, 睇下我敗左咩丫:

(English:  Oh well, this year I started my research really early, I did it before November and I was trying to investigate which ones would worth my investment.  Honestly, there are so many temptations out there during each X’mas, I didn’t really want to just haul for the sake of hauling and then discovered that I would never use some of the items (make sense?).  So this year, I picked something which fits my expectations on price, quality and usability.  Some items are from Chanel (you could have guessed) and the others are from Anna Sui!  Right, let’s see….)


先講Chanel, 你地之前都睇到我post左佢地既聖誕系列! 我自焚一輪, 當然敗咗一d產品:

(English:  Let me start off with Chanel.  As you read before in my previous post about their X’mas collection, I was literally tempting myself and I got the following:)

Chanel Quadra Eye Shadow

Color: Harmonie Du Soir


呢個真係太靚喇! 我敗佢唔係淨係因為佢靚, 我試色既時候佢係超級出色同埋粉質好幼細! 真係唔係單係靚咁簡單! 顏色亦都好易配襯! 四個色都好易用! 我覺得呢個palette既顏色我會好用得著, 所以先會投資!

(English:  So pretty, isn’t it?  I got it not only because it’s extremely beautiful.  When I tried the colors on my hand at the counter, they are really pigmented and the powder is very fine.  So, I really don’t go for anything just because it looks stunning (superficial)!  The colors are easy to use and match with others!  I feel like I would get many use out of this palette and therefore I think it’s worth my investment!)

Made in Italy

顏色好靚! 我今個聖誕用佢黎過先! 好glamourous!! 哈哈!!

(English:  Fabulous!  I will use this during X’mas this year!! Super glamourous!! *laughs*)

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet
Color: No. 307 L’Impatiente


佢成枝產品個樣好grand!! 好高貴!

(English:  It looks really grand, isn’t it?  Very elegant!)

其實我都估唔到我會買呢枝lipstick,原本真係無諗過, 但係後尾試上手, 我覺得佢係一隻好深既berry色, 覺得好趁秋冬, 而我又無咩類似既顏色, 所以就入手!

(English:  I surprised myself when I decided to get this coz it was never on my list.  Then I tried it on my hand and it’s a very deep berry color.  I feel it suits Autumn and Winter really well and I don’t have similar colors, so I got it!!)

望落似中毒, 但係搽上皮膚係好心既berry色! 等我揾日搽完影相俾大家睇下! 有種高貴華麗既美!

(English:  When you look at it, it looks like someone’s lips got poisoned, but when you apply it on skin, it’s a very deep berry color!  Let me put it on some day and show you!  It has an elegance of beauty in it!!)

如果你地想重溫一下今年Chanel出左咩聖誕產品, 可以睇翻下面個blog post:

(English:  If you want to refresh on Chanel X’mas 2012 products, please visit the link below:)

[化妝] Chanel 2012 Christmas Makeup Collection

Anna Sui

另外我真係要幫Anna Sui平反呀! 咩靚野無好野, 我而家又開始留意佢地品牌既產品, 之前亦都敗左唔少, d質量好好價錢又唔太貴喎!! 就係因為咁, 我今年有留意佢地既聖誕套裝, 最後我揀左下面呢set:

(English:  Right, I have to do Anna Sui justice!!  Who says pretty things are no good?  I had started to re-visit their brand again some time ago and got a few items, all I can say is that I am very happy with the products and their price tags are not making me sweat!  Because of my good experience, I started to look at their X’mas set, and I got the following set:)

價錢(Price):HK$480/ set

個set入面有呢個包包! 我超想要呢個包包當化妝包呀! 好靚!! 我覺得多數set都有包包, 但係唔係個個都想用, 我屋企真係唔知有幾多個跟set既包包係無用過! 呢個就唔同喇, 做得好有誠意, 好靚, 一定會用!

(English:  The set comes with this pouch!  I really want this pouch!!!  Super pretty!!!  Many X’mas sets usually come with pouch but I don’t find a lot of them usable.  I don’t know how many of them actually sitting at my place untouched!!  This is different though, this is done with sincerity and style!!  Very fancy and I will use it use a cosmetic pouch for sure!)


(English:  There are 3 items inside the set:)

Anna Sui Mousse Eyeshadow E 01

呢個隻色好靚, 好大路得黎成日都用到! 如果唔想化太多顏色既日子就可以用呢個! 佢有香味添呀!! 我覺得個texture同Jill Stuart既無分別!

(English: The color is very nice and natural!  If you don’t enjoy very colorful eye makeup, this is for you!  It has a good scent as well and the texture feels exactly like Jill Stuart’s!)


(English:  Reflection of Light:)

Anna Sui Cheek Color E 01


(English:  This blush is packaged really nice!! Super cute with the butterfly!!)

除左包裝討好, 佢仲好實用! 粉質好, 顏色好上色, 仲要又係有香味! 掂呀!胭脂又會成日用, 唔會浪費!

(English:  Apart from the really nice packaging, it would get many uses as well!  The powder feels really nice, it’s really pigmented and it’s scented!  Brilliant!  Won’t be wasted!)

Anna Sui Lip Gloss E 01

最後就係枝lipgloss喇!! 又係有香味呀!

(English:  Then it comes with lipgloss!!  Again it’s scented!!)

搽出黎係透紅色, 唔誇張! 加埋佢閃閃地, 好有節日氣氛!

(English:  It’s a sheer red, not over the top but it has a bit of shimmer inside to catch up with the Holiday Season!)

我揀Anna Sui呢個set, 佢有另一個set, 個包包一樣, 但係裡面既胭脂同lipgloss係粉紅色, 而個Mousse Eyeshadow就係深紫色, 如果你覺得我揀呢款顏色太紅, 另一款應該你會鍾意! 我超推呢個包包, 所有野都用得著!

(English:  For this Anna Sui set, there is another one with the same pouch, but the blush and lipgloss are of pink colors and then the Mousse eyeshadow is of deep purple!  If you think my pick is too “red” for your liking, then that one might be better choice for you!)

我覺得聖誕好應該敗下家開心下(d野真係好靚), 不過敗之前諗下係咪真係會用, 會唔會用好耐都好重要, 唔係敗家過後發覺d野無用, 無啦啦多種失落就唔好啦! 我未知我會唔會再敗d咩聖誕化妝品, 不過暫時黎講我好滿足,因為我覺得上面既野全部都係best buy!

(English:  We should all shop during Holiday Season and be happy (yea stuff are extremely pretty during this time).  However, think before you haul as I feel that whether you are going to use a product or not is very important too!  Otherwise, you would feel your money is wasted after the holiday spirit and it’s upsetting!  I am not sure if I am going to get any more X’mas makeup products, but at this moment of time, I am really happy with what I’ve got above and I think all of them are best buy!!)

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  • I love Anna Sui as well.
    So you brought all these ?

    • Yea Miranda – I bought all these and I'm really happy with everything!!! XD