Being a beauty enthusiast, Hakme started blogging in 2009 with the intention to share her love of beauty products online. Then in 2013, with an aim to widen her audience, she created Hakme Beauty YouTube Channel and quickly accumulated a strong following. What makes her stand out in the crowd is her honest approach. She is a straight-talker who shares her true thoughts with her audience not only on the beauty product level, but also on other lifestyle aspects as well.

In November 2013, Hakme decided to locate quality beauty products and introduce them into the local market because she felt that the customers’ choices were really limited. She dedicated her time and effort into trying and testing many beauty products and only those which were deemed to be with good quality and value for money would be displayed on the “virtual shelves”. Due to the strict sourcing of products and honest presentation, her approach was appreciated and led her to open the first Hakme Beauty Retail Store in May 2014. Within a year and a half, she opened the second Hakme Beauty Retail Store in November 2015.

Right now, Hakme still spends the majority of her time in product sourcing, creating content on YouTube/blog and managing Hakme Beauty retail business. With the vision of “an honest approach to beauty”, she is excited to continue her journey and bring in more quality products for the local market.