Acne Studios Haul – Scarf and Beanie

我發覺每次去另一個地方,無論我有無去過嗰個地方都好,我之前都係會買野! 二月去英國,天氣好凍。 亦因為我想今次去影多少少Instagram (@iamhakme) outfit photos,我突然諗我無理由有帶翻上年頂beanie同埋條Chanel頸巾,大家2016年年尾係我去英國同法國既vlog日日孭住,我唔悶,大家都悶啦。 俾咗自己一論藉口之後,咁啱MillyQ出又文講佢既Acne Studios產品,好啦啦地俾燒死。 其實我之前都有望過好多人講過話Acne Studios既scarf好好,因為又大條又暖,不過我唔肯定係咪真,所以無入手。 今次睇埋MillyQ個post,佢有咁多條,唔會雷掛,所以即刻係Net-A-Porter入手。 其他網店都有,但係我覺得如果講顏色齊全同埋款式夠多,今次Net-A-Porter贏晒。

(English:  Every time before I travel, I tend to haul something – no matter I have been to that particular place or not!  I am going to UK in Feb, the weather is going to be miserable (as always), and I want to do some more outfit photos for Instagram (@iamhakme) this time, so I suddenly thought my Topshop beanie and my Chanel scarf were a bit “regular”.  Many of you had seen them appearing in my vlog during my trip to UK and France by end of 2016, if I am not bored, I am sure you are.  So after giving myself so many different excuses, I saw MillyQ’s new post regarding Acne Studios products.  I was like “OK, I am going to place my order!”  Indeed, I heard so many great things about the Acne Studios scarf – how warm, cozy and big they are, but I wasn’t sure if they were true, so I stood my ground.  However, this time, MillyQ possessed so many of Acne Studios scarves and other products, I guess they must be somewhat comfortable!  Voila, here I am with the Acne Studios haul from Net-A-Porter.  There are Acne Studios products on other online shops, but they don’t offer a great colour selection.  So this time, I think Net-A-Porter is a win!)

Acne Studios Haul

Acne Studio Scarf

Acne Studios Pansy Appliquéd Ribbed Wool-blend Beanie HK$939 (Link)

Acne Studio Scarf

97%wool,真係好厚身。 係香港我唔會點用到,因為我唔怕凍。 但係如果去外國就成日用到! 我去英國測試下先,唔夠凍真係講唔到俾大家聽佢值唔值得! 如果你有興趣,等等我,我唔想是但。 到時自己留意我vlog當中對佢既comment丫!

(English:  97% wool and it feels thick!  I don’t think I will use this in Hong Kong because I am not that afraid of cold.  It’s more of a necessity when I go to “colder” countries.  I probably will test them when I go to the U.K. because only then I can tell you if it’s worth it.  If you are interested, please wait for me, I don’t want to quickly give you some rubbish comments which I don’t stand for.  So if you are curious about my thoughts, please be sure to check my U.K. vlog somewhere in Feb!)


Acne Studios Canada Fringe Wool Scarf in Caramel HK$1405 (Link)

Acne Studio Scarf


Acne Studios Canada Fringe Wool Scarf in Grey HK$1405 (Link)

Acne Studio Scarf

佢有幾款頸巾,最多人建議係呢一款,因為100%wool。 如果你望下佢地其他collection,你會見到有一款係平d,個樣差唔多,大概HK$1000,有好多人問我有咩唔同,係size唔同呀,平d個款係窄身架,少d wool就平d!哈哈。 另外佢有一款係over HK$3000,個款係物料唔同,係cashmere唔係wool,所以買個陣要望真d!我帶頸巾唔鍾意細條唔鍾意窄身(我都話我唔怕凍,我真係好凍先會帶頸巾呀,咁一定要好厚好大條先得)。所以我就入手呢兩條。 點解買兩條? 話說我Chanel個條係黑色,所以我唔會買黑色。 除咗黑色,冬天我最常著既係灰或者啡色,兩者出現既比例一樣咁多,係選擇困難症底下,我就買哂兩條喇。 呢個如果香港凍,我都會帶下,如果唔係就要去到英國先出場喇。 當然用咗我會再同大家update啦!

(English:  Acne Studios offers a few different ones and many recommend this style because it’s 100% wool.  If you browse through their collections, you will notice another one looking “almost” exactly the same as these ones but the price is around HK$1000.  Many of you ask me what the different is – it’s the size babe!  The one with a cheaper price comes in a narrower format, so you can imagine, less wool = cheaper price!  Another type is over HK$3000, and the material is different, it’s cashmere not wool.  So if you come to buy, make sure you read the words and know what you are paying for.  For scarves, I don’t like thin/tiny/narrow ones (well, as I said before I am not that afraid of cold, so I only wear it when it’s extremely cold, it would make sense for me to go for something big and thick), therefore, I went for these two.  Why two?  My Chanel one is black, so I am not going for anything black.  For Winter, I usually wear grey or brown (apart from my beloved black), and I love the two colour schemes all the same, so I couldn’t pick between grey or caramel.  I ended up with two!  If the weather in HK gets a bit colder, I probably will have the chance to wear it; otherwise these will make their appearance in the U.K. and I will update you whether they would be a fav or not!)

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