My First Blog Post in 2018 – How Are You All?

好耐無寫blog,之前Vlogmas 12月日日拍片,為咗唔好逼癲自己,所以blog事宜暫停個令月! 雖然遲咗一個星期,都要同大家補句新年快樂! 一月一號,我唔洗再做Vlogmas所以拉咗Mr Honey同我去機場(我真係好愛機場)幫我套衫影下相。 如果你地有follow我Instagram (@iamhakme),都會見到呢套outfit。 Instagram既好處係好快就可以睇到靚相,可以有好多唔同既inspiration,而我都唔洗打千字文先post到上去。 唔好既就係好難俾大家睇到套outfit既breakdown,又俾唔到link大家參考,所以呢個時間就用blog型式最好喇,清清楚楚,大家對邊件野有興趣無興趣都起碼可以望到件野要咩名資料等等。唔同platform有唔同用處,希望大家唔會覺得repeat啦。希望以後可以多多係blog同大家分享outfit!

(English: It’s been awhile since I last blogged.  For December, I did videos everyday for Vlogmas, so in order to keep me sane, I put a temporary stop to blogging!  Though I am a week late, I still wish everyone of you Happy New Year!  For 1st Jan 2018, I dragged Mr Honey to the airport (I really love airport) to help me shoot this outfit. If you are following me on Instagram (@iamhakme), you probably have seen this outfit already.  Instagram is good in the sense that there are loads of pretty photos giving you different inspiration and I don’t need to type a 1000-word essay before posting it.  On the other hand, the down side is that it’s quite difficult for me to give you the breakdown of the outfit and I can’t give you the links for reference, this is when blog comes in handy, at least you can check out what you are interested in and not interested in!  Well, different platforms offer something different and I hope that you won’t feel like I am repeating myself.  I do hope to share more of my outfit breakdown here on the blog with you going forward.)

Photo by MJPhotographyHK

Chloe Small Pixie Bag
我以前真係唔鐘意影相(而家都唔算好鍾意),所以好多時我都係影產品影境多d,反而係相入面見到我個人真係好少,我個電話入面既相簿50張先有一張係我。其實我之前想係Instagram或者Blog做outfit post好耐,但係又覺得自己唔係瘦又唔係靚,唔好搞咁多野啦,同埋係條街影俾人感覺好自戀,所以我久唔時有做,但係我無持續地做(不斷俾藉口自己點解唔做好啲)。 直至上年年尾,有一日覺得:WHAT THE HELL…WHO CARES!如果我對fashion有passion同埋覺得好玩,why not! 個一下,我覺得我將我所有以前既bad vibe都delete咗,個一下,我真正enjoy同大家分享我唔同既outfit。 有好多時我都想知人地買咗件野返黎會點襯,咁我諗你地都想知我會點襯,所以就單純simple mind去做呢件事,而我見Instagram你地反應好好,所以我開心自己豁出去!睇黎我上年年尾開始叫自己simple mind係一個正確方向。

(English:  I didn’t enjoy taking photos before (I can’t say I am a fan now still), therefore you saw the majority of my photos were product shots or scenery shots.  You seldom saw me inside the photos.  For my photo album on my phone, I can find 1 picture with my face within 50 photos – that’s how bad it is.  Indeed, I wanted to do more #ootd on Instagram or Blog for a long time, but at the same time, I felt that I wasn’t slim or pretty enough, it was better for me to hide in my shelf.  Also I didn’t like the judging look from people on the streets as well.  That was why you saw some outfit posts once in a blue moon and then they just disappeared (yea I kept giving myself justifications of why it was better for me not to do them).  End of last year was the turning point, one day I just felt, “WHAT THE HELL… WHO CARES!!!”  If I am passionate about fashion and I see the fun side of it, why not?  At that moment, I felt that I had deleted all the bad vibes; at that moment, I truly enjoy sharing my different outfits with you.  Many times, I am curious how people would style certain things after they buy them, and I am sure you would be curious how I style certain things too.  So, I just work on my ideas with this thought in mind and constantly ask myself to keep to “simple mind mode”.  Then I see many of your wonderful feedback on Instagram and I know that you enjoy seeing the photos as much as we shoot them – I am happy that I made a good decision following my heart.  Well, it seems to me that “keeping to the simple mind mode” is my right direction in 2018.)

Chloe Small Pixie Bag

Top: Korean Top from Anything.Bobo (Facebook Link)
Jeans: Topshop Leigh Jeans
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman Over The Knee Boots (Similar 1Similar 2 and Similar 3)
Glasses: Chloe Sunglasses CE729SA
Watch: Panerai PAM1000 (previous video)
Bracelets: Dinh Van Bracelet & Cartier Love Bracelet (previous video)
Earrings: Diamanti Per Tutti (previous video)
Handbag: Chloe Small Pixie Bag (Similar 1, Similar 2 and Similar 3)

Chloe Small Pixie Bag
呢件衫係Vlogmas既時候去TST賣韓國衫間店買既(previoue video),當時我話我唔會show衫俾大家睇,啲衫同大家係Instagram見。 呢件係其中一件,我覺得佢好特別,拼左唔同顏色,仲要有袋!!! 大愛!!!  同埋佢個顏色同我個袋同boots好襯呀!! 對boots係Mr Honey影完佢既相俾我,我之前對Stuart Weitzman既boots好有興趣,但係我唔肯定我會唔會著好多,我記得正價大概HK$7500,有牌子既boots黎講唔算貴,但係我真係唔肯定佢好唔好著(雖然網上有好多人話好好好著),所以無入手! 上次著完黎影相之後我又真係覺得好舒服,又唔會狂跌,唔錯。 我著多幾次再係YouTube分享啦。好喇,到個袋喇,係咪好cute! 之前見Instagram好多guru都係拎住佢已經覺得好靚,諗咗幾個月之後係online private sale減價買到,好開心! 佢真係裝唔到幾多野,但係真係好cute!!! 我唔洗vlog既日子(唔需要帶相機)就用得到! Chloe Small Pixie Bag對我黎講唔算實用,因為容量細,但係我鍾意佢夠boho同埋個樣同其他袋好唔同!

(English: I got the top from the TST Korean Store which I showed you during Vlogmas (previoue video).  In the video, I did say I wouldn’t show the clothes to you because they will be coming up on Instagram.  This is one of them.  I find it special in the sense that it combines of different colours and there are pockets!!!!  My Fav!!!  The colour also goes with my bag and my boots really well!  I got the boots from Mr Honey after his photoshoot, I was interested in Stuart Weitzman boots before, however, I was concerned whether they were comfortable and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to wear them for many occasions.  I recalled the full price in HK was HK$7500.  I don’t think the price was ridiculous when it comes to high end long boots, but I didn’t want to buy something that would just sit in my apartment (though many people online raved about how great they are).  End up, I didn’t buy them.  So when Mr Honey passed me them I was ecstatic!  I wore them for half the day, I found them comfortable, they stayed on the legs really well!  Nice!  I will wear them a few more times and I probably tell you what I think on YouTube.  Right now, spotlight on the bag please!  It’s a cutie, isn’t it?  I got so tempted when I saw quite a few Instagram gurus holding them before, but it took me a few months to really confirm if I liked it enough to buy it.  A few months later, I got it from an online private sale with discount (yay!).  I am a happy bunny!  Honestly, it doesn’t hold much, but it looks so adorable!  When I don’t need to vlog (no need to carry my camera), I can use this!  Chloe Small Pixie Bag is not the most practical bag for me, because what you can fit inside is really limited but I really like how boho is it and how different it looks when compared to my other bags!!)

Chloe Small Pixie Bag

點呀,你地一月第一個星期過得好麻?我就過得好實在,同埋可以埋頭苦幹好開心,覺得自己好有存在感。 你地好多人同我講你地都開始左你地既bullet journal, 寫成點? 我呢個星期好乖日日都有用,我諗我月尾係YouTube update下大家我用成點同埋有咩發現丫。講住咁多先,下次再傾!Have a Wonderful 2018!

(English:  How are you?  How’s the first week of Jan 2018 treating you so far?  My life has been fruitful and full of work, which makes me happy because work keeps me grounded.  Many of you also told me that you started your bullet journal, how are you getting on with it?  I have been very good with it, I do remember to check on my progress everyday.  I think I might do a video on YouTube by the end of the month to share with you my findings and also my progress.  I guess I should really stop here, we will chat next time!  Have a Wonderful 2018!!)

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