La Mer The Powder VS La Prairie Cellular Treatment Loose Powder

La Mer The Powder VS La Prairie Cellular Treatment Loose Powder

兩款都係貴婦級。 兩隻我都用左好一段時間,所以今日想同大家比較一下。我覺得La Prairie好用好多。 一開包裝個下,我已經覺得好有驚喜,因為La Prairie一盒入面有兩件野,一件係細細盒travel裝既碎粉,另一盒係大大盒既refill,我覺得好貼心喇,出國可以有travel size用。而La Mer個盒就咁正常一盒碎粉。

(English:  Both are from luxury skincare brands and I have used them both for awhile, I think today I want to compare the two for your reference.  I like the La Prairie one a lot better.  When I first opened up the package, I had a surprise – there are 2 items in the La Prairie box, one travel size loose powder and a big size of loose powder for refilling.  I love the idea – so thoughtful.  Now it means that I can take the travel one when I go on trips without worrying that it would take up much space.  For the La Mer one, it comes with a regular size loose powder jar.)

另外我唔係好記得La Mer有無顏色揀,我唔見個jar底有number,所以我諗應該無色揀(太耐唔記得)。我個盒入面有閃粉同埋顏色比較白淨d。La Prairie有兩隻揀,一隻係glow,有少少閃粉,顏色比較白淨;另一隻係natural(我買咗呢隻),無閃粉顏色帶黃底。兩隻上面之後我覺得顏色黎講La Prairie啱我d,因為令我敷色望落自然。 而La Mer既就上面之後我覺得帶灰(我膚色問題),就算有閃粉都唔係覺得有明亮效果。 我個人覺得妝感係健康/自然膚色上面唔係靚。有少少隔隔不入,如果白既人應該無咩問題。

(English:  I can’t recall if there is a selection of La Mer powder in Hong Kong.  I don’t see any colour numbers on the bottom of the jar so I think “maybe not” (it was awhile ago and I somehow couldn’t remember).  The colour is a bit fair with shimmer inside.  For La Prairie, there are two colours to choose from: glow is quite fair with a bit of shimmer and natural has more of a yellow tone without shimmer (I got this one).  On face, I feel that La Prairie suits my skin tone better, it makes my base makeup look natural.  La Mer appears greyish on my skin (well due to my skin colour), though it has shimmer, I don’t think the shimmer is brightening in anyway.  I personally feel that it doesn’t suit natural/ tanned skin colour that well.  But if you have fair skin, no problem.)

兩隻碎粉都柔細唔粉感,上面兩款都唔係滑得好緊要(OK啦,但係唔係非常非常滑咁)。 如果講定妝效果,我覺得La Prairie比La Mer出色,因為個妝真係無咁易溶同埋就算溶都無一達達。 我覺得好唔錯。如果要係兩隻入面揀,我揀La Prairie啦,我覺得各方面都好過La Mer。之前同大家分享過點樣上網買呢兩個品牌平d,如果miss咗,可以按此

(English:  Both powders are finely milled and they are not cakey on the face.  Both doesn’t appear to make my skin silky smooth (well, they are smooth but they are not super super smooth).  As for setting makeup, La Prairie performs so much better than La Mer.  It makes my makeup more long lasting and it doesn’t create patches when my T zone gets oily.  I think it’s great.  If I have to choose between the two, I definitely go for La Prairie, the overall performance is just better.  I have shared how to get them cheaper online, if you have missed, please check this link out.)

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