Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup I Heart Chocolate & Peaches

我諗大家對Makeup Revolution旗下既I Heart Makeup呢個品牌唔陌生。 因為佢主要既路線係比較young同fun,但係品質都係Makeup Revolution既品質。 如果你認識佢呢個品牌,我相信你知道佢地既Chocolate Palette有好多款色。 今日同大家分享一下呢款比較新既Chocolate & Peaches Palette。黑咪店網站有售。

(English:  If you are familiar with Makeup Revolution, I think you are aware of the brand I Heart Makeup which is under their umbrella.  I Heart Makeup is more young and fun with the same quality of Makeup Revolution products.  If you heard of the brand, you will know that one of its most famous products are their Chocolate Palettes.  Today I am going to share this newer one – Chocolate & Peaches Palette with you.  This is available at Hakme Beauty stores and online.)


Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup I Heart Chocolate & Peaches HK$135





顏色方面有閃有唔閃,有粉色亦都有啡色。 最上行左一唔閃,中行左四色唔閃,下行全行都唔閃。 其他顏色都閃,但係上眼唔誇張。 大家可以自由配搭。 圖中既顏色係無得底畫兩下個效果,所以都出色。 粉質滑唔鞋手亦都好易blend開。 我覺得呢個主要有兩個粉色去比大家mix and match,如果想好girly既日子好用得著。 如果想無咁girly既日子亦都可以用其他大地色系。 再rock d既日子更加可以smokey,我覺得係一個日常都用得到既palette,唔會有d好奇怪既顏色係樹唔知點用。 如果你鍾意個樣,但係粉色你唔係好啱,佢亦都有其他Chocolate Palette,我之前都寫咗blog post,你可以按此按此去比較下。

(English:  The colours come in both matte and shimmer, pink, peachy and browns.  On the top row, the first one on the left is matte.  In the middle row, the 4th one on the left is matte.  And also, the whole of the bottom row are all matte while all others are shimmery (but they are not over the top).  You can mix and match based on your moods and outfits.  The colour resulted in the swatches is from two strokes, so the shades are pigmented.  The powder is fine (not rough to touch) and easy to blend.  I think the highlight of this palette is that it comes with one pink shade and one peachy shade for you to create your look.  If you want something girly, the pink and peachy come in handy.  If you want day-to-day, all the earth tones are brilliant.  If you feel like a rock star, of course you can amp it up with some smokey looks.  I think this is very versatile in this sense (at least it doesn’t come with queer colours that I don’t know how to use).  If you like the look but you don’t think pink and peachy are for you, they have other Chocolate Palettes as well.  I have a couple blog posts about them and you can click here and here to check them out.)

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