Makeup Revolution Pro HD Amplified 35 Palette Swatches – Inspiration

呢盒Amplified 35 Palette – Inspiration令我諗起磚頭,classic既啡色一定有俾你配搭,但係佢都有好多橙,磚紅色。 我地又望下丫。黑咪店網站有售。

(English:  This Amplified 35 Palette – Inspiration reminds me of bricks, yes bricks.  It of course comes with the classic browns for you to mix and match but it also comes with quite a bit of orange and brick red, let’s take a closer look. This is available at Hakme Beauty stores and online.)


Makeup Revolution Pro HD Amplified 35 Palette – Inspiration HK$270


(English:  One of the colours broke during delivery, in order not to waste it, I have been using this~)


全盒都係matte既眼影色,無閃架! 但係我覺得唔錯喎,幾特別。 唔知點解我對呢盒眼影入面既橙好有興趣,我覺得搽少少係眼尾位都幾靚!

(English:  All of these eyeshadows are matte!  I quite like this since you don’t see this combination too often.  I am not sure why I am particularly interested in the orangey tones, I think adding a bit at the ends of the eyes could be quite refreshing and nice!)

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