Makeup Revolution Renaissance Lipsticks x 9 Colours

話說呢9枝Makeup Revolution Renaissance Lipstick都入咗店好一陣子,而我覺得Makeup Revolution由開始出一d比較激動既顏色到而家出d好易carry好on trend既顏色確實係一大進步。 呢個collection我之前係Instagram (@iamhakme)都簡單試過色,不過太喜歡,所以要做個blog post俾佢地,亦都等你地易d一次過睇哂咁多隻顏色。黑咪店網站有售。

(English:  These Makeup Revolution Renaissance Lipsticks have been in store for a little while.  I have to say that I think Makeup Revolution has improved on its colour range a lot, from very crazy colours in the early stage to very easy to carry and on trend colours right now.  I have briefly mentioned this collection on my Instagram (@iamhakme) before, however, I do love them so much that I think they deserve a blog post so you can see all the colours in one go as well.  These are available at Hakme Beauty stores and online.)

Makeup Revolution Renaissance Lipsticks HK$75@

From left to right: Renew, Classic, Greatest, Prime, Awaken, Restore, Lifelong, Fortify and Revive.


顏色方面有唔同既nude,紅,橙同埋粉紅。 全部都好易日常用得到。 好出色好creamy,搽出黎有少少令身潤澤感,但係唔會太glossy。 搽完隔兩三個鐘有少少乾,可以接受。我覺得佢持久度都唔錯,雖然飲水食野都會甩,但係一般冇搞到佢既情況下,佢都無淡色淡得好緊要或者甩到一達達。 唔錯!你又鍾意邊隻色多d呢?

(English:  These comes in different shades of nudes, reds, orange and pink.  All of them are day-to-day colours.  These are very pigmented and creamy.  They have a slight glossy finish.  After applied for 2-3 hours, the colours will dry up a bit, which is acceptable to me.  I think the longevity is nice as well.  They do come off when you eat and drink, however, when you don’t mess with them, they don’t tend to fade seriously or become patchy on the lips.  Nice.  Which one is your favourite?)

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