Makeup Revolution Renaissance Palette – Day & Night

之前係Instagram Live(@iamhakme)好心急同大家分享Makeup Revolution新品,呢兩個Renaissance Palette真係無敵靚呀,上次個video我post咗係Facebook,如果有興趣可以過去望下(link)。 但係始終live video質量都係麻麻,所以我都係係呢度試色俾大家望真d!全部產品黑咪店網站有售。

(English:  I did talk about these in my previous Instagram Live (@iamhakme), I was so so so excited about these two Renaissance Palettes – they are amazing!  I did post the same video onto Facebook, so if you are interested, you can check it out here.  However, we all know that live video doesn’t have the best quality, so let me swatch them here for you one more time.  All products are available at Hakme Beauty stores and online.)


Makeup Revolution Renaissance Palette HK$145


Makeup Revolution Renaissance Palette – Day HK$145


 今次呢兩盒包裝超靚,好有high end感覺,盒入面有大大塊鏡,所以帶出街補妝都方便。 上面呢一盒係Day,入面有5個眼影,左一係閃,其他全部係matte,啱晒唔係好鍾意閃既朋友。 粉質黎講都creamy出色易blend,顏色方面係行平實路線,平日都一定用得到既顏色,唔誇張。

(English:  The two palettes this time are packaged luxuriously, they do give a sense of high end feeling.  Both palettes come with a big mirror inside, so they come in handy for touch up.  The above one is Day and it comes with 5 eyeshadows.  The first on the left is shimmery while all others are matte.  The powder is finely milled, quite buttery, pigmented and easy to blend.  The colours are definitely for your day-to-day look, very practical and not crazy.)

Makeup Revolution Renaissance Palette – Night HK$145


呢一盒係Night,超級靚呀!!! 左一係唔閃,其他全部都係閃,咁夜晚用當然係要glam d啦(不過我會日頭用喎)。 粉質好好,好出色,好滑同埋好易blend。 中間隻色好鬼靚,日頭淨係用佢都得! 好百搭! 好靚,無令我失望~~由於佢地係新品,所以貨源唔係好穩定。 我地好好彩呢期成日入到佢地新品,但係有機會多其他market入既話,我地就會斷架喇。 講定先,因為唔係你之後買唔到又打我~~

(English:  This is the Night one – super pretty!!  The first one on the left is matte while others are shimmery, you need to glam up when it’s night time right?  (But I think I would use this during day time as well).  The powder is finely milled, pigmented, smooth to touch and easy to blend.  The middle colour is just simply amazing, I sometime only use this on my lids during day time!  Amazing.  Since these are new items, that means the stock is unpredictable.  We are quite lucky in the sense that we can get their new items quite soon these days, however, if other markets start importing these, that would mean that we might experience stock issues.  Just put it out there, so that no one would be upset with me when they can’t get their hands on one!)


Makeup Revolution Ultra Metals Go Eye Contouring Set HK$220

講開眼影講埋呢set眼影掃先。 佢地都係新既,個柄短dd,但又未去到迷你。 如果你想揾一set簡簡單單既眼影掃既話,我覺得呢SET都唔錯。 左一: 可以用係淺色成個lid搽。 左二:用係眼頭眼尾位置加強。 左三:用係深色眼影pack上眼摺位。 左四:用係blend鬆條線或者blend鬆眼影。

(English:  While I am on the topic of eyeshadows, let me talk about this set of eyeshadow brushes with you.  These are new and they come in a set.  The handles are a bit shorter than normal but they are not mini sizes.  If you are looking for some basic brushes for your eye look, I think this set could come in handy.  Left 1: use it for lighter shades on whole eye lids.  Left 2: use it for enhancing the colours in specific areas.  Left 3: use it for packing deeper tones onto the double lid areas.  Left 4:  use it for blending.)

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