Nars Aqua Gel Luminous Oil-Free Moisturizer 瞬效明亮無油水凝霜

呢個Nars Aqua Gel係我後生既年代超級出名,基本上我識得既化妝師都會用佢幫客人做保濕打底。 近年我諗品牌多咗,大家都多咗選擇,所以我好少聽到有人講呢個保濕gel。我好耐之前用過,不過當然我久唔久都會revisit一d比較classic既產品,睇下我對佢地既評價有無改觀。 新又講下,classic又講下,先多野講多野睇,係咪?

(English:  This Nars Aqua Gel was extremely famous when I was younger.  At that time, all the makeup artists I knew would use this as a hydrating primer when they were doing their customers’ makeup.  With the increase in the number of different brands and products, I think many of us are bombarded with choices everyday, I guess some of the classics do get forgotten.  I used this many years ago, but of course I do like to revisit some off the classics just to see if my thoughts have changed over the years.)


Nars Aqua Gel Luminous Oil-Free Moisturizer HK$640/50ml


無油份既gel狀,好好推,好快吸收,有輕微既氣味。 搽上面覺得幾舒服,我一兩分鐘就吸哂,皮膚變得滑同埋有少少彈手(飲胞水個感覺)。 我當佢係保濕打底霜,清爽得黎唔覺得搽咗陣風同埋之後化妝好貼。 我有時係屋企無化妝都會搽佢做下簡單保濕,不過如果我一整日都開冷氣既話,我朝早10點搽完,下午2-3點會出油。 我覺得佢既保濕效果對於乾性皮膚唔係好持久,始終佢都係輕身既gel狀。 乾肌黎講就咁用佢係唔夠,不過叫做如果唔鍾意笠既話,日頭搽下做下簡單保養都叫OK! 如果油肌或者混合肌,我覺得應該你會鍾意。 我個人最鍾意當佢係保濕打底霜,因為我覺得效果最好,我唔會用佢做夜晚護膚,因為我一定會唔夠同埋夜晚我鍾意用比較多功效既面霜。 值唔值得買?如果你唔鍾意朝早痴笠笠你又會化妝,我好建議你試呢個做保濕打底霜(唔控油!),但係如果你係想揾晚間護理,我就覺得呢個既功效唔特別同埋以呢個價錢黎講個效果普通咗少少(晚間護理黎講)。

(English: An oil-free gel form, it’s easy to spread and absorb.  It contains a slight scent and it feels quite nice on skin.  After application, it takes 1-2 mins to fully absorb into my skin.  Skin becomes smooth and slightly bouncy (like it’s hydrated).  I like it as hydrating primer because it’s light-weight and the makeup just sticks better.  Sometimes when I am working at home, I would use this as a simple day time routine on those no-makeup-days.  But if I have the air-con on all day, I apply it at 10am and my skin will become oily around 2-3pm.  So its hydrating power is not strong for dry skin, well at the end of the day, it’s in gel form.  I don’t think it’s that hydrating for dry skin but if you don’t like anything greasy and you like the light-weight feeling, it’s better than applying nothing during the day time.  If you have oil skin or combination skin, I think you will like this.  I personally really like this as a hydrating base, because I think the result is best.  I won’t use it in my nighttime routine at all because I just know that it won’t be enough for my thirsty skin.  Also, I like my night cream to offer a wee bit more functionality than just hydrating (you know, I need to use that prime time to repair my skin and all that carry on).  Is it worth to buy?  If you don’t like anything sticky in the morning and you apply makeup quite often, then I would recommend you get this as your hydrating primer (it doesn’t control oil!); but if you are looking for an item for your nighttime routine, I don’t think the functionality is that special and for the price, the result is not super amazing (judging from a nighttime routine perspective).)

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