Savings: Buying Chloe Susanna Boots Much Cheaper Than The Original Price

大家都知我成日上網睇野,睇睇下有時會有驚喜。 今次呢個驚喜我一定要同大家分享。話說大家都聽過我講無限咁多次我好愛我對Chloe Susanna Boots,基本上一秋冬我都係著住佢(唔換鞋),好行好舒服又好型。 當然啦,價錢都好靚。所以我知有好多人就算有興趣都覺得好貴無入手。 完全明白,因為當日我都諗咗好耐睇咗好多網上既分享先決定入手。 今日我有好野分享。 Chloe香港專門店買Susanna Boots要HK$11,400,網上唔同網站有時會係HK$9,700,我當時買都係差唔多HK$9,700呢個價,但係呢幾日俾我發現以下網站賣HK$6,721。 值得同大家分享一下。

(English: As all of you know that browsing online is part of my job/ hobby, and sometimes I do get surprises.  And today it’s one of those days that I need to share my excitement with you.  I am sure all of you have heard of me raving about my love towards Chloe Susanna Boots.  They are my must-have for autumn and winter (it goes with all of my outfit).  They are comfortable to walk in and they won’t tire my feet out even I walk in them for the whole day.  And most importantly, they are very edgy.  Of course, the price is not friendly at all, and I could have guessed that many of you haven’t gotten your pair because the price is truly on the scarier side.  Totally understand!  I recall that I did research for a long time before I finally said YES too.  Today I have some good news for you.  Susanna Boots are retailed at HK$11,400 in Chloe shops in HK, and sometimes I would see websites selling them at HK$9,700.  I bought mine at around HK$9,700 too.  However, I came across another website selling them at HK$6,721.  This definitely worths my time to write this blog post.)


Chloe Susanna Ankle Boots with Silver Studs HK$6,721
Buy from HERE

Orders over HK$2,500, enter CODE: FREESHIP to get free delivery

Chloe Susanna Ankle Boots with Gold Studs HK$6,721
Buy from HERE

Orders over HK$2,500, enter CODE: FREESHIP to get free delivery


Chloe Susanna Boots係實碼,我對黑色金釘都係買翻我正常碼。 所以如果有興趣買翻正常碼可以喇。 我另外有對metallic金色就真係大一碼,所以嗰對我買左細一碼,但係如果係皮(呢兩對黑色都係皮),會著得鬆,所以實碼可以喇。

(English:  Chloe Susanna Boots are true to size.  Mine is black with gold studs and I bought the size of 39 (which is my normal size).  If you are interested, just grab your usual size and you would be fine.  I also have a pair of metallic gold ones and those run a size bigger, therefore for that pair, I bought a size down.  However, judging from my experience, for leather pair (these two are leather), they will loosen up a bit after worn, so your usual size should be just fine.)

根據我過往經驗,某d無咁熱門既網站有機會會有價錢平d既情況出現,但係唔一定長期都會係呢個價,一多人知道或者多人買左,品牌有機會同網站反映,咁之後網站就要調高翻個價格,我見過好多網站都有同樣情況發生,所以你自己決定啦,如果真係好想入手,我覺得而家係好時機。 可能你過咗一個月後望翻呢個post,個價錢會有唔同。 大家記得我話過我要collect Susanna Boots麻,我而家有3對(好瘋狂),我係度諗緊我應唔應該再入手黑銀(我個對係黑金)。 哈哈哈~~係,我愛佢既程度你應該感受到。。。

(English:  Based on my previous observation, some items would appear cheaper on less popular websites, however, this doesn’t guarantee that it’s always going to that cheaper price forever.  When those websites got more known or more people purchase from them, brands probably will go to the mentioned sites and show their concern.  Therefore, the prices of these sites will become “normal” overnight.  I have seen this happening to many websites, so it’s your call.  If you really want a pair, I think now is the best time because if you come back to this blog post after a month, the price might have changed.  Do you remember I did say one time that I would collect Susanna Boots?  I now have 3 pairs (yes I am obsessed), I am now thinking if I should get the black one with silver studs (mine is black with gold studs).  *Laughs* Yes ~~ now you can definitely tell my obsession with them right?)

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