Tatcha 23K Gold Illuminated Lipstick in Sunrise

Tatcha呢個品牌我都有久唔時試下佢既護膚品,有d啱用有d唔係好啱,之前都分享過一d唔係好啱既產品,我諗我再遲少少先分享下其他產品。 我諗大家都會比較熟識佢既護膚品,但係化妝品?我都係睇Instagram先知佢出左唇膏,顏色唔多,我見都係兩三個款式,今次我同大家分享一下佢呢枝限量版Tatcha 23k Gold Illuminated Lipstick in Sunrise,枝tube係白色,好靚同埋好luxurious。

(English:  I have been trying Tatcha’s skincare products here and there, some are nice and some don’t work on me.  I did sparingly talked about those I didn’t enjoy, and I think I will be sharing other skincare items sometime in future.  I think we are all quite familiar with their skincare products, but makeup?  I am not going to lie, I didn’t know that they do makeup until one day I saw them on Instagram.  There are only a few lipsticks in the range, so the choices are minimal.  Today, I am going to share my thoughts on this Tatcha 23k Gold Illuminated Lipstick in Sunrise which comes in a white tube and is limited.  I really like the packaging (so pretty) and how luxurious it feels in hand.)


Tatcha 23k Gold Illuminated Lipstick in Sunrise (Limited Edition) HK$450/3g
Available at Joyce Beauty


真係唔平。 我有一段時間無買Tom Ford唇膏,我記得我之前買Tom Ford唇膏都要HK$410,所以呢枝既第一印象係:仲貴過Tom Ford?我基本上買完第二日即刻試(我好少咁神心),我覺得顏色好大路,好易襯既一個plum pink顏色,一d都唔誇張,同埋咩膚色既人都會搽得好睇。 一搽個下好出色得黎令身,感覺比較潤。 過左兩三個鐘有少少乾乾地無咁令身,但係無甩皮或者覺得好唔舒服。 持久力一般啦,飲水食野係會甩架(預左)。 佢個賣點應該係入面加咗23K金,等個finish望出黎有光澤感(呢個光澤感隔咗一陣係會消失架)。 我覺得值唔值得就好個人,但係我係鍾意呢枝唇膏,因為顏色易carry,係咀上面好舒服又無敏感,都算潤。 我買咗之後都成日搽(貴麻要搽到抵翻)。 但係我建唔建議呢? 如果你好鍾意呢個品牌既話,我覺得你會好鍾意呢枝唇膏。 但係如果你淨係想揾差唔多顏色同performance既話,我相信市面上有其他更加抵用既選擇。

(English:  Not affordable.  It’s been awhile since I last got anything from Tom Ford.  I remember I used to pay HK$410 for a Tom Ford lipstick, so my first impression on this was, “even more expensive than a Tom Ford lipstick?”  I gave it a go immediately on the next day (I seldom try anything this quick).  I feel the colour is very day-to-day, a very easy-going plum pink colour.  It’s not over the top and it suits a good variety of skin tones.  It looks quite glossy when it’s first applied and it feels moisturising.  After 2-3 hours, it dries out a bit and the gloss disappeared, however it’s still comfortable on the lips and don’t flake the lips.  The longevity is so-so, it comes off when you drink and eat (expected).  The selling point is that it offers “a hint of 23-karat gold for a truly lustrous finish” (well I do think the lustrous feeling disappears after awhile).  It’s very personal to say if it’s worth the money or not.  I personally enjoy this lipstick in the sense that the colour is easy to carry, it feels comfortable on lips, it doesn’t cause me stupid allergies and it’s quite moisturising.  It becomes one of my regular lipsticks (I have to decrease that cost per wear).  Would I recommend it?  It depends.  If you are a fan of the brand, you probably will enjoy this a lot.  However, if you don’t care about the brand and you are just looking for a lipstick with similar colour and performance, I am sure you could find some other alternatives which would cost you less in the market.)

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