theBalm Mr Write Eyeliner Pencil

之前講過theBalm Scuba Mascara (link)係油眼寶寶,今日同大家分享下佢新版眼線筆,係之前既改良版,我覺得更加好畫。而家有4個顏色,其實應該係5個色,但係枝紫色賣晒我又無係手!下次再補翻呢枝比大家望丫。而家同大家講解住4枝先。

(English:  I talked about theBalm Scuba Mascara (link) before, today I am going to talk about its new released eyeliner – Mr Write Eyeliner Pencil.  It’s an improved version of their previous ones and I think they draw even better.  Right now, we have 4 colours, actually should be 5 but the purple one is sold out and I couldn’t find mine, so I will do the purple next time.  Right now, let’s focus on these 4.)


theBalm Mr Write Eyeliner Pencil HK$140 (Link)
Available at Hakme Beauty (Store Address)

theBalm Mr Write


theBalm Mr Write



theBalm Mr Write

From Left to Right: Seymour Compliments (Blue), Seymour Vacations (Green), Seymour Loveletters (Brown) and Seymour Diamonds (Black)

藍色同黑色係無閃,其餘綠色同埋啡色帶閃底。 4枝都好易畫好出色,我多數用黑色,唔易斷同埋畫個陣唔會卡下卡下。 另外個三隻色我都好鍾意,大家知我會畫下眼線,所以呢三枝通常都係咁用。 咁當然大家用黑啡用到悶悶地都可以用藍或者綠畫上眼線。 我對眼濕但係唔油,所以我last一日完全無問題。 管家眼油,佢試咗全日之後夜晚係淡咗少少色,但係無甩到熊貓咁,所以我覺得如果你想買眼線筆既話,你都可以諗諗呢枝!

(English: The blue and the black are matte while the green and the brown are shimmery.  They are all easy to draw and pigmented.  I mostly go for black, it doesn’t break easily and it doesn’t drag on my skin.  I love the other 3 too, you all know that I have a habit of adding colour to my lower lash lines and I use these 3 for this purpose.  If you are bored with black or brown, you can definitely use the blue or green for your upper lash line.  My eyes are quite watery and my lids are not oily, so these last all day without any issue.  The Butler has oily lids and she had tried for a whole day, her feedback was that the colours faded a bit but she didn’t turn into panda.  So if you want to try a new eyeliner, you could give this a thought!)

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