theBalm Smoke Balm Vol.4


(English:  theBalm has been releasing quite a few new products recently, I got this one for Hakme Beauty because I think it’s so practical and the colours are really pretty.  Today I am going to share my thoughts with you.  This is available at Hakme Beauty stores and online.)


theBalm Smoke Balm Vol.4 HK$120



三個顏色既眼影組,其實右一係光影,用係眉骨或者cheek bone個位置,帶少少金底既閃。 左一係眼影,都係閃。 中間係唔閃既眼影,我用係成個eyelid,之後再用左一係眼摺位。 粉質方面,我覺得閃既滑過唔閃,但係兩款都出色。 好易用,兩隻眼影色單用都得。我覺得呢個mini palette唔洗用腦要諗咩搭咩色,如果想簡單或者好趕既日子,正。 當然啦,佢得三個顏色變化唔係好大,佢係勝在夠實用,顏色黎緊秋冬都好啱同埋旅行想輕便d都係一個好選擇!

(English:  This is a 3 colour eyeshadow trio.  The one on the right is highlight, use for your brow bone or cheek bone.  It has a light golden shimmer.  The one on the left is eyeshadow and is shimmery based.  The middle one is a matte colour, I use it for my whole eyelids. And then, I would use the one on the right on my “invisible double lids” to blend out.  Powder-wise, I think the shimmer ones are smoother to touch than the matte one, however, both are pigmented.  It’s very easy to use, because you can also use the two eyeshadow colours individually as well.  I think this mini palette is straight forward and you don’t need to engage your brain too much when you come to use it.  If you want something simple, are in a hurry, then this is perfect for you.  Of course, it’s not as versatile as other big palette because at the end of the day it comes with 3 colours only.  It’s simply a practical choice.  I think the colours are perfect for the upcoming fall and winter.  Oh if you travel and you want something small, this is brilliant too!)

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